Best Yoga Sandbags

Sandbags can be a wonderful tool to add to any yoga or stretching session. Sometimes a little added weight is just what you need to go a little deeper into that stretch, or to add a little resistance. Some of these bags we rounded up come pre-filled and ready to use out of the box. We also liked the bags you can customize yourself and fill with sand, beans, rice, or whatever else you might prefer. Happy stretching! Read on for some of our favorite sandbag selections on the market.
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Most Color Options

YogaAccessories Sandbag

Leak-proof, Customizable Sandbag.  You’ll get a soft, unfilled yoga sandbag with a leak-proof inner lining.

What We Liked

The machine-washable exterior bag is very convenient for keeping the sandbag clean and fresh. The bag arrives empty, so the weight you add is adjustable. Six different bag colors allow you to customize for your yoga session. Choose an inspiring color for your workouts.  Available on Amazon.

Most Durable

HealthAndYoga Sandbag

Tough, Longlasting Sandbag. This super-strong and quality yoga sandbag uses reinforced stitching for added durability.

What We Liked

The durability of this yoga sandbag is proven among our testers. The outer bag is made of heavy-duty cotton, so it’s soft yet tough enough for extended use and regular cleaning. The inner bag is made of PVC that’s both leak- and water-proof. There are three different colors to choose from for all the yoga lovers in your life.  Buy Today.

Best Bag Liner

BeanProducts Yoga Sandbag

Dust-Free Sandbag. You’ll get a 10-pound filled yoga sandbag ready to go right out of the box.

What We Liked

These bags are made of nylon and are easy to clean and soft to the touch. With a dust-free liner on the inside, there’s no worry about sand or dust seeping out during your workouts. Stay focused, and enjoy this great workout product. You’ll notice four color options to choose from, so choose your favorite for comfort, personalization, and inspiration. Pick Up One Today on Amazon.

Best Design

Bheka India Print Yoga Sandbag

India Print Sandbag.  Here’s a high quality, unfilled yoga sandbag with wine canvas material.

What We Liked

This bag is very simple to use. With an easy-fill inner bag that fits smoothly into the outer bag, this bag’s weight is customizable, so you aren’t locked in at one weight. We appreciated that the most important main seams were all double-stitched for added durability. Buy Now.

Best Pre-Filled Bag

Bheka Yoga Sandbag

10-pound, Prefilled Sandbag. This 100% cotton duck canvas yoga sandbag comes with a carrying strap and a lifetime warranty.

What We Liked

This bag is pre-filled and weighs 10 pounds for deepening those mastered poses and stretches. The outer sandbag is super tough and both water- and sweat-resistant. Meant to be used for all of your healthy life, the company offers a lifetime warranty on the bag. The zippered inner liner makes for easy cleaning, and there’s extra stitching for everyday use.  Buy on Amazon.