Buy the Best Balance Ball Base

Using a balance ball can be a great way to get in some exercise and help build good posture. Balance balls work out your core and they can be used just about anywhere. However, if you’re using your balance ball at your home or work desk, or anywhere else where it’s vital that you actually stay in one spot and focused, then you could find things difficult. A balance ball base can help. You’ll still get all the benefits of using a balance ball, but you won’t have to worry about your ball rolling away on you while you’re typing or doing anything similar. Not sure where to find the best balance ball base for you? Start by taking a look at these four options.

Most Versatile

Incline Fit Exercise Ball Base


Use This Base a Variety of Ways. Make your ball base pull double or triple duty.

What We Liked

Your balance ball base can be used to keep your balance ball steady and still while you use it at your desk or another table, sure, but what else can it do? When it comes to this ball base, the answer is a little bit of everything. This base acts as a ball holder for when you’re seated, as a decorative holder when your ball isn’t in use and also as a workout accessory, holding resistance bands as well as your ball, for an extra workout challenge. Order Online.


URBNFit Exercise Ball Base


This Ball Base Can Stand Up To a Challenge. No more worries about breaking or damaging your ball base.

What We Liked

This ball base can stand up to an amazing amount of force and weight. No matter what your weight is, this base will continue to provide comfort and balance during both a workout and while you’re just sitting at a desk. Plus, the base is easy to assemble and then disassemble any time you want to use it. Purchase Yours Today.

Most Portable

Gaiam Essentials Balance Ball & Base Kit


Deflate and Go. Your ball, base and more are all seconds away from being on the go.

What We Liked

If you want to regularly take your ball and base from home to work and back again, you want a ball and base that are both relatively portable. This ball and base duo kit gives you just that feature. Rather than being a thick chunk of plastic like other bases, this base is inflatable, so you can deflate both ball and base for easy transportation and then inflate both when in your desired location. Get It Here.

Best Value

Trideer Ball Chair


Everything You Need. Ball, base, pump and more — it’s all included.

What We Liked

Get the most for your money, with this ball chair kit. It comes with not only the balance ball, but also the inflatable base and a pump, so there’s nothing at all that you have to buy before you start using your new fitness gear. Buy Now.