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Four of the Best Multipurpose Floor Rugs

The floor can be one of the most neglected areas of the home frequently exposed to water, debris, and everyday mishaps. Spills in the kitchen, dripping in the bathroom, dirt from shoes, and pet hair are all common enemies of your efforts to keep the house clean and comfortable. Luckily, there are some terrific rugs available to help in the battle against everyday messes. Multipurpose rugs come in a variety of shapes, designs, and materials. We’ve chosen four fantastic multipurpose rug options to help you find a clean and attractive solution for your home.
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Best Design

Carvapet Moroccan Trellis Carpet Set

Function and Fashion. You’ll do more than add beauty to your kitchen, entryway, patio, or bathrooms with the lovely Moroccan trellis motif. The microfiber material is soft with a non-skid latex backing to keep floors protected from water.

What We Liked

The Carvapet set has one 17-inch by 48-inch piece and one 17-inch by 24-inch piece. Both will absorb moisture and dry quickly so your bathroom stays fresh and free from water damage. In addition, the shag pile is fade-resistant and wear-resistant. There are even four colors available, and the carpets are machine washable for convenience. Get it here. 

Most Classic Look

Ukeler Buffalo Rug

Handmade, Classic Design. The classic look of this handmade, cotton braided rug will enhance the look of any room while helping to keep dirt away.

What We Liked

The classic black, white, and grey checkered pattern is an attractive and useful addition to any part of the house. This soft and durable rug is easily cleaned by hand or in the washing machine. There are four colors and eight sizes to choose from, so it’s easy to find the best match for your home. Buy it now.

Best Cotton Rug

SEEKSEE 100% Cotton Plaid Rugs

Naturally Right. Natural cotton rugs are a lightweight, easy-to-care-for solution for relieving fatigue from standing on hard surfaces. Cheer up the kitchen, bathroom, foyer, or any other space with these checkered rugs.

What We Liked

These rugs are easy to clean in the washer or by hand. They are lightweight but durable, and they provide an attractive, comfortable way to fight dirt buildup on the floor. Truly convenient, these rugs are available in seven different sizes. Buy it here.

Most Versatile

VersaTex Multipurpose Utility Mat

Gain Some Traction. Place a VersaTex commercial-grade mat outside of any doorway, and you’ll be gaining traction in the fight against dirt, moisture, and scratching, effectively trapping mud and water before it gets inside.

What We Liked

This tough mat is made from recycled synthetic rubber to help it repel grease, oils, and other liquids. It is 0.11 inches thick and measures 24 inches by 36 inches, which is the perfect size for a doorway, under the grill, or anywhere else you want to control spills and debris. Its anti-microbial and non-absorbent surface also provides protection for use with exercise equipment or storage items in a garage or workshop. Inside, it doubles as a great anti-fatigue mat. With so many practical uses, this rug is easily the most versatile option on the list. Get it now.