The Best All-Natural Mascaras

When it comes to cosmetics, it really does pay to go all-natural, particularly when purchasing mascara. Think about it, you’re using mascara in one of the most sensitive and delicate areas of your body. The wrong type of mascara and a negative reaction can lead to discomfort, watering, itching, redness and possibly even an eye infection. The chances of something like this happening, however, lowers significantly when you opt for an all-natural mascara. Not sure which all-natural mascaras might be right for you? Check out these five all-natural options.
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Best Value Mascara

 Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer

Beauty on a Budget. Enjoy multiple benefits from one, affordably-priced mascara.

What We Liked: 

This mascara option pulls double duty as both a mascara and a primer. The primer creates an even base for the mascara and the mascara makes your lashes look longer, larger, more defined and darker. The brush is carefully constructed to pick up every lash individually, so you don’t have to worry about clumping. Get it here.

Best Nourishing Mascara

 NaturLash Mineral Mascara

Don’t just dress up your lashes; feed them, too.

What We Liked: 

This mascara doesn’t just offer benefits during use; its ingredients are specially formulated to nourish your lashes for benefits after you take off your mascara at night. The result? Over time, you’ll grow thicker and longer lashes and experience less lash fallout than you would if you were using a chemical-filled mascara. The mascara is buildable, meaning you can add layer after layer until you get the desired results, without clumping. The mascara can also be used as an eyeliner. Buy it today.

Best Easy Removal Mascara

Ecco Bella Natural Mascara

No More Scrubbing to Remove Your Makeup. This mascara comes off easily, but stays on all day.

What We Liked: 

We all want a mascara that lasts a long time and doesn’t smudge, but we don’t want to spend long minutes trying to remove that same mascara at the end of the day, either. Ecco Bella Natural Mascara fulfills both these wishes, with a smooth, clump-free formula that retains its color all day long, but then wipes away with just a swipe when you’re ready to go au naturale. Get it here. 

Best Vegan and Gluten-Free Mascara

Organic Mascara by Endlessly Beautiful

This Mascara Checks All the Boxes. Not only is this mascara chemical-free, but it’s also vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

What We Liked: 

While some mascaras are chemical-free and organic, that doesn’t always make them vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free as well. This Endlessly Beautiful mascara ticks all the boxes, with a formula that’s kind to everyone, especially animals. If you’re avoiding animal products and or gluten, this mascara is the one for you. Get it here.

Best Waterproof Mascara

3D Fiber Lash Mascara with Growth Enhancing Serum by Simply Naked Beauty

Go Ahead, Cry a Little; Your Mascara Won’t Smudge. This mascara can stand up to it all.

What We Liked: 

No matter what you’re up against, this fiber lash mascara by Simply Naked Beauty will stand up to the challenge. Smudging, crying, sweating, you name it — you’ll walk away from any situation with your eye makeup intact. Get it now.