The Best Black Seed Oils

Black seeds, or nigella sativa, have been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Black seed oil is known for both beauty and health benefits due to the compound thymoquinone and the variety of omega fatty acids found in these seeds. Black seed oil helps hydrate and soften your hair and skin and can help reduce acne in some people. It also has shown promise with health conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis. That said, consult your doctor before using, especially if you take medications or are pregnant. If you’re considering adding black seed oil to your health or beauty regimen, here are some popular brands.

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Best Capsule Form

Healths Harmony Black Seed Oil


Capsule Form of Black Seed Oil. This easy-to-swallow liquid soft-gel capsule is vegetarian-friendly and non-GMO.

What We Liked:

Healths Harmony black seed oil is manufactured in the United States. The vegetarian-friendly capsules are designed to be easy to swallow. If you dislike the taste of black seed oil, then this capsule form could help as it has no foul taste and no aftertaste. The seeds are cold-pressed to maximize their nutritional value. The capsules also include vitamin E. Now for the facts:

  • Cold-pressed black seed oil is sourced from Turkey and Israel,
  • Seeds are GMO and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility,
  • One serving (two capsules) contains 1,000 mg of black cumin seed oil,
  • One bottle contains 120 capsules, and
  • Vitamin E is added to each capsule. Buy it here.


Amazing Herbs Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil


Black Seed Oil with a Spicy Taste. This Amazing Herbs cold-pressed black seed oil contains nigellone, an antihistamine, along with a high concentration of thymoquinone.

What We Liked:

Like other Amazing Herbs products, this black seed oil is manufactured in the United States at an FDA-registered facility. Because this oil is undiluted and highly concentrated, it can have a strong, spicy taste. This product is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Now for the facts:

  • Contains 0.95% to 2.6% of naturally occurring thymoquinone,
  • This Amazing Herbs formula also contains nigellone, which is an antihistamine,
  • Seeds are from Turkey or India,
  • Tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure levels of active ingredients, and
  • Seeds are cold-pressed. Get it here.

 Top Pick for Best Taste

MAJU’s Black Seed Oil


Best Tasting Black Seed Oil. MAJU’s black seed oil has a light, pleasant taste yet contains a high amount of thymoquinone to help provide a variety of health benefits.

What We Liked:

MAJU’s black seed oil contains a high amount of thymoquinone yet has a mild, pleasant taste, which makes this a top pick. This product’s consistency is thinner than that of some other brands, which enables it to soak into the skin faster when applied topically. The black seed oil does not contain any pesticides or herbicides. This product also includes a variety of omegas, antioxidants, and amino acids, which have additional health benefits. Now for the facts: 

  • Seeds are grown at a pesticide- and herbicide-free farm in Turkey,
  • Contain at least 1.5% thymoquinone,
  • Seeds are cold-pressed without solvents,
  • Seeds are non-genetically modified, and
  • Product is produced in a GMP-certified laboratory. Get it today.