The Best Body Tape Measures

If you’re trying to take accurate body measurements to track progress, measure clothes for tailoring, or measure material for sewing projects, you need a tape measure that’s flexible, reliable, and particularly suited to do the job. To help you make sense of the options out there, we’ve pulled together four different tape measures to get you started. All of these options are flexible enough to wrap around easily, while also offering dual-sided markings in both inches and centimeters for added versatility. When trying to choose the right tape measure for you, consider whether you want something loose or retractable, as well as what you prefer in terms of color and price.

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Editor’s Choice

RayTour Tape Measure


Easy Storage. Coming in a small black case measuring just 2 inches in diameter, this RayTour tape measure stretches 60 inches and is backed by a money back guarantee, making it the best retractable option on our list.

What We Liked

Designed to be compact enough to fit into a pocket, this retractable tape measure is a great choice for those who prefer the convenience and hassle-free storage of a retractable option. This style keeps your sewing kit tidy with absolutely no extra work. Get it here. 

Best Variety

eBoot Soft Tailor Tape Measure


3 Color Options. Available in white, yellow, and green, this soft tape measure from eBoot offers the widest variety of color options on our list, ideal for those looking for a unique color to fit their needs.

What We Liked

This eBoot tape measure features inches on one side and centimeters on the other so you can easily measure in different units. The metal ends are designed to prevent frustrating fraying as well. Buy it now. 

Best on a Budget

GDMINLO Soft Tape Measure


Simple and Affordable. Coming in a simple white color and at the most affordable price on our list, this soft tape measure from GDMINLO is a great starter option and budget-friendly pick.

What We Liked

This simple soft tape measure can measure zero to 60 inches on one side, and zero to 150 centimeters on the other, offering plenty of function for a reasonable price. This is a functional, quality option for less. Buy it here. 

Best Set

iBayam 2 Pack Tape Measure


Two Types Included. As the only 2-pack on our list, this iBayam set comes with both a soft pink tape measure and a retractable black tape measure, making it the most versatile option here.

What We Liked

With this versatile 2-pack, you get two different types of tape measures for a one great price. The black retractable tape measure is just 2 inches in diameter, so it’s easy to carry around. Additionally, the soft pink tape measure can come in handy for body and fashion measurements. Get it now.