The Best Booty Bands

Resistance bands are an easy way to get a challenging workout without bulky and inconvenient equipment. Booty bands, the evolution of resistance workouts, are perfect for targeting the lower body and core. They’re thicker than standard workout bands and come in higher resistances to activate glutes, hips, quads, and hamstrings. For busy people who need to maximize the benefits of a short workout, they’re perfect for activating multiple muscle groups with small movements. During barre and Pilates classes, adding a booty band to existing exercises can elevate your workout. These bands come in a variety of materials, resistances, and sizes. Many booty bands offer ebooks, video workouts, and online communities to support your workout regimen. When picking a booty band set to augment your workout, don’t forget to consider the full package of accessories that come with it.

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Best for Beginners 

Recredo Booty Bands, Non-Slip Resistance Bands


Free Video Training. At 0.12 inches thick, these 3.15-inch wide booty bands are a durable set of three resistance sizes and come with a carry bag, training videos, and workout ebook.

What We Liked: 

The carry bag makes it easy to throw these bands into a bag for work so you can get in a leg workout even in the middle of a busy day. Get it here.

Best Overall

Gymbee Booty Bands 3 Resistance Bands 


Elevate Existing Workouts. All three of these bands are the same size, measuring 3.15 by 13.6 inches, yet they vary in resistance from 14 pounds to 50 pounds. The set also comes with a link to workout videos.

What We Liked: 

Because all three resistances are the same length, the fit is perfect, requiring no extra adjustment, and the band won’t slip down mid-rep. Get it now.

Most Durable

Arena Strength Fabric Booty Bands


Perfectly Sized Resistance. Made from comfortable cloth, each band is 3.15 by 13.6 inches, and the set includes three resistances that will never roll or slide out of place, in addition to a printed and spiral-bound exercise guide.

What We Liked: 

The interior of the bands features grip strips that hold the bands in place through the entire set without irritating bare skin. Buy it here.

Best for Full Body Workouts

Peach Bands Resistance Bands Set


All-Over Toning. These 100 percent latex bands measure two by 12 inches and come in four resistances from 10 pounds to 35 pounds. The set also includes a carry bag and access to an online community of fitness women.

What We Liked: 

While these booty bands are ideal for lower body workouts, you can use them as resistance bands for your whole body if you don’t want to buy two sets of exercise bands. Get it here.

Best Value 

NYX Fitness Booty Bands


Complete Fitness Package. This straightforward set includes three 13-inch booty bands with resistances from 14 pounds to 50 pounds, plus a workout guide and 30-day meal plan for a full fitness experience.

What We Liked: 

The bright pastel colors will add a little vibrancy to your workout, and with the meal plan and fitness guide, it’s an easy way to develop new health and fitness habits. Buy it here.