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The Best Caffeine Tablets

Used carefully, caffeine can be a miracle drug. It’s relatively safe, and adds a little pep to your step whether you’re tired from lack of sleep, looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, or flagging in the middle of a long run. An easy way to consume it on the go is to find an electrolyte tab that packs a dose of it and drop it into your water bottle, adding essential minerals, vitamins, and a buzz to your hydration. These two options are sure to satisfy anyone.
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Best Overall

Nuun Sport + Caffeine

Fruity and Light

These tested tablets are our first choice.

What We Liked

You’ll hydrate better if you’re looking forward to drinking, and with blasts of flavor ranging from Cherry Limeade to Mango Orange, these electrolyte tablets are a sure thing. Made with natural coloring and flavors and sweetened with stevia (only 15 calories per serving), each one is a delight to sip. The most important ingredient: caffeine derived from green tea extract. There’s 40 mg in every tablet (less than half the amount in a cup of coffee) so you can get a pick-me-up without the crash later. Get them here.

Most Caffeinated

Science in Sport Go Hydro Electrolyte with Caffeine Tablets

Powerful Pick-Me-Up

A nice buzz and an unusual flavor make this a solid buy.

What We Liked

Carrying fizzy cola in your water bottle: probably a bad idea. But adding this cola-flavored tablet to your water is a genius-level move. With B vitamins, 350 mg of sodium, and less than 10 calories per tablet, using these is a quick way to hydrate more efficiently without adding sugar into your drink. They have a little more caffeine than their competitors: 75 mg per tablet is like drinking a small cup of coffee, and should give you a boost for 30 minutes to an hour. Buy them now.