The Best Clove Essential Oils

In recent years, scientists have tested the myriad of benefits clove oil provides. Because of its diverse uses, it’s a great essential oil to keep on hand. In a diffuser, clove oil emits a strong, spicy odor. It’s great for mood elevation, opening the heart, and cultivating gratitude during practice. Some scientific evidence suggests that clove oil also works as an antimicrobial and antifungal agent, so it can be combined with water in a spray bottle and used to wipe down your yoga mat after practice. Clove oil can also relieve minor muscle pain when mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut, and applied topically. When shopping for essential oils, look for those sold in dark glass bottles for a better shelf life and only purchase 100 percent pure oil. Take a look at some of the excellent options highlighted here.

 Best for Diffusers 

Artizen Clove Essential Oil 


Guaranteed Undiluted. Artizen packages their oils in dark, U/V-coated bottles to protect against sun damage. Clove oil is available in bottles of one, two, and four ounces. The company regularly tests its oils to ensure 100 percent purity.

What We Liked: 

The lifetime guarantee lets you test the oil in your diffuser with the assurance of a refund or replacement if it doesn’t emit enough scent during your yoga practice. Get it here.

Best for Muscle Pain

Ola Prima Clove Essential Oil


Therapeutic Grade Oil. This clove oil offers therapeutic grade purity, making it ideal to mix with a carrier oil for aromatherapy massage and muscle pain relief. It’s available in four, eight, and sixteen ounces, and since it’s in a U/V-resistant bottle, it’ll stay fresh for over a year.

What We Liked: 

You can immerse your yoga practice in the invigorating scent of clove by using this oil in a diffuser, or you can apply it topically onto sore muscles after intense workouts. Get it today.

Best Savings 

Sun Essential Oil Clove 


Buy in Bulk for Savings. You can purchase in bulk with bottles containing four, eight, and sixteen ounces set at reasonable prices. This clove oil works well with diffusers, carrier oils, mixed with water for cleaning, and for crafts, like candle and soap making.

What We Liked: 

The large sizes support the use of clove oil throughout the home without worrying about the cost. Buy it today.

Best Quality

Pure Gold Clove Essential Oil 


Sourced Globally, Bottled Locally. The more concentrated oil comes in smaller, U/V-protected glass bottles, with one, two, and one-third ounces available. There’s even a built-in dropper for easy dispensing. This oil is ideal for roll-on bottles, diffusers, and homemade cleaning products.

What We Liked: 

The high-quality guarantee promises to replace or refund any imperfect product. They purchase ingredients directly from the source and then package them in the United States. Buy it now.

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