The Best Copper Compression Socks

When your arches are hurting and your legs are sore, you want immediate relief. Instead of soaking your aching pups in a hot bath consider copper-infused compression socks. Known for removing foot odors while improving circulation, these versatile socks apply pressure to the feet and calves, thereby increasing blood flow and preventing swelling in the lower legs. From classic ankle socks to knee-highs, copper compression socks are available in a wide assortment of styles and designs. These are our picks for the best copper compression socks.

Most Popular

FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks


Comfortable Fit

FuelMeFoot’s copper compression socks provide long-lasting comfort thanks to a unique blend of copper-infused, moisture-wicking materials.

What We Liked

Standing for extended periods of time can lead to lower body stiffness and swelling. FuelMeFoot’s copper compression socks have a graduated compression design that revives blood circulation by providing 15-20 mmHg of compression. They’re made from a temperature-regulating fabric to prevent feet from getting too cold or too hot. And with over 15 color options to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair that goes perfectly with any outfit. Get them here. 

Highest Rating

Iseasoo Copper Knee High Compression Socks


Unique Color Combinations

Featuring thermal stabilizing technology and anti-itch UPF 50+ materials, Iseasoo’s copper compression socks deliver extended support throughout the day or night.

What We Liked

Socks have become an extension of personality, and that’s why we’re fans of the copper compression socks from Iseasoo. Featuring over 25 different patterns, the knee-high design provides 15-20 mmHg of compression for optimal relief while maintaining a full range of motion, superior comfort, and mobility without chafing. Light padding at the ball and on top of the foot promotes extended comfort while eliminating abrasion and foot stress. Buy them now. 

Most Odor-Resistant

Kodal Copper Infused Athletic Low-Cut Socks


The Unadorned Ankle Sock

Reduce foot and shoe odors with help from the natural antibacterial properties found in Kodal’s copper-infused athletic socks.

What We Liked

Let’s face it: Your feet can smell bad, and your shoes can, too. But thanks to the antibacterial properties of copper, they don’t have to! Kodal’s copper and cotton-blended ankle socks eliminate 99 percent of sweat to keep shoes fresh and feet funk-free. An integrated heel tab eliminates slippage and abrasion while an elastic arch band surrounds the mid-foot to provide increased compression as your foot makes contact with the ground. Available in four subtle color options, these low-cut ankle socks will relieve foot pain without drawing excess attention. Buy them here. 

Most Dynamic

Footplus Unisex Copper Socks


The Go-To Daily Sock

If you’re looking for those Goldilocks socks that aren’t too thin or thick, find comfort in Footplus’ copper performance compression socks built primarily for casual, everyday use.

What We Liked

Socks should be designed to endure through every endeavor, from running down the block to walking around the house. Footplus’ unisex compression socks keep things simple with a classic design and muted tones that make for perfect day-to-day footwear, no matter the activity. Interwoven copper yarn reduces common foot odors while a spandex arch and ankle compression provide extra protection. A seamless toe prevents chafing or blistering across the toes for additional support and comfort. Get them now.