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The Best Cranberry Supplements

When you think of cranberry, you probably think of either the Thanksgiving side dish or the juice. But this seasonal fruit has a secret power that makes it worth taking all year round. Cranberries contain high concentrations of chemicals called proanthocyanidins, which help prevent certain kinds of bacteria from attaching to the lining of your urinary tract, reducing the chance of infections. In addition, they are a source of antioxidants, which some studies have suggested may help reduce stress on the body and combat some age-related illnesses. Get the health benefits of this nifty fruit with these convenient capsules.
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Best Overall

Nature's Way Premium Herbal Cranberry Fruit

Daily Dose

Make your routine a little healthier with a blast of this healthy fruit.

What We Liked

If you want to boost your urinary health but don’t want to ingest all the added sugar of cranberry juice, these capsules are the way to go. Each one contains a hefty 930 mg of cranberry extract, and all of the helpful compounds and antioxidants included in them. Users who are prone to UTIs agree that they reduce the incidence of these painful and unpleasant infections. Get them here. 


trunature One Per Day Cranberry 650 mg, 140 Vegetarian Capsules

Healthy Supplement

Take in a respectable dose of cranberry alongside your vitamins.

What We Liked

For those who are a little smaller, or don’t need quite the same size dose as our overall favorite pick, these 650 mg capsules include a mix of extract and whole cranberry powder for an effective punch. They’re vegetarian, so people who avoid meat can take them guilt-free. Thirty-six milligrams of included proanthocyanidins keep infections at bay. Buy them now. 

Most Affordable

Puritan's Pride One A Day Cranberry Capsules

Bulk-Size Supply

You don’t need to spend a million bucks to feel like it with this brand.

What We Liked

The cost of maintaining a top-line wellness routine can start to add up, so we appreciate any chance to save a little without hurting the quality of our health. Each one of these capsules (there are 120 in a bottle) contains the equivalent of 25,000 mg of whole cranberry fruit, but is a lot easier to swallow, providing you with a convenient and quick way of fighting free radicals. Buy them here.