The Best Cuticle Oils

If your hands are dry and cracked from either the weather or repeated hand-washing, you can be left with inflamed, uncomfortable cuticles. Fight back with a nourishing cuticle oil: Using natural ingredients, these products add moisture to embattled cuticles, making them healthier and more flexible. In fact, nourishing your cuticles can have benefits that extend all the way through your nail, as the matrix absorbs that moisture. Here are our favorite cuticle oils for treating your skin right.

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Best Overall

OPI ProSpa Collection, Manicure Nail & Cuticle Oil


Simple and Smooth

Keep your hands comfortable with this high-quality oil.

What We Liked

When it comes to cosmetics, sometimes simple is best. Made out of a mix of natural oils including grapeseed, sesame, and kukui, this oil penetrates deep into the tissue around your nail, increasing elasticity and combatting daily wear and tear. Simply rub it into your cuticles twice daily, and say goodbye to sore and ragged skin. It works on toes too. Get it here. 


CND Essentials Nail & Cuticle Oil, Solaroil


Outdoor Lover’s Friend

Fight off skin aging by working this into your routine.

What We Liked

We all know that UV light prematurely ages your skin, but did you know the same is true for your cuticles? Regularly applying cuticle oil can help you defy those damaging effects on your nails and the skin around them. A mix of jojoba oil, rice bran oil, and sweet almond oil keeps your cuticles and nails feeling like new, with new, stronger growth coming in as old, weakened nails grow out. For best results, make it a habit to apply consistently. Buy it now. 

Most Affordable

Cuccio Naturalé Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil


Light and Rejuvenating

Grab this moisturizing essential and you can’t go wrong.

What We Liked

When it comes to repairing your skin, this oil has a secret weapon: honey. The sweet addition locks in moisture, making sure your hands and nails get maximum benefit. Cold-pressed, natural oils round out the formula, relieving discomfort from peeling, ragged cuticles. The result: an almost-magic potion to keep you looking as good as you feel. Buy it here. 

Best Balm

Organic Cuticle Cream Balm


Smooth Ointment

Keep your nails healthy with a slather of this lotion.

What We Liked

For those who shy away from messy oils (or travel a lot—who wants to deal with liquids?) this certified organic cuticle balm is a convenient solution. It’s less messy than oils, and the soothing, made-in-the-USA formula only needs to be applied once for all-day nourishment. It’s made from just five ingredients—olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, and vitamin E—so you don’t have to worry about any harmful mystery chemicals on your skin. Get it now. 

Best US-Made Oil

Bee Natural Best Cuticle Oil


Artisanal Formula

A simple ingredients list and a convenient size make this premium product one to try.

What We Liked

Open the bottle and take a whiff—you’ll be pleasantly surprised. With lemon, lavender, and tea-tree oil, this moisturizer has a pleasant floral and fruity scent, unlike the harsh chemical smell of cheap formulations. The family-owned business uses a mix of natural oils, from olive to avocado to grape seed, to add flexibility and strength to dry, cracked, and just-plain-tired cuticles and nails. Buy it today.