The Best Digital Scales

Keeping a digital scale at home is a great way to stay in tune with personal health and fitness goals. A digital scale is easy to read, so there is no uncertainty about weight, making it a useful part of your wellness routine. If you have diet goals, then a digital scale should be considered a must-have. As you’re looking at the different scales that are on the market, what’s critical is that the scale delivers accuracy. You also want one that is durable enough to last several years. A digital scale should have an ergonomic design so that it is not difficult to use, and you may also want to consider one that can determine things like water or body fat percentage. Check out our selection of the best digital scales around.

Most Accurate

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Body Tape Measure


Dependable Digital Scale. This is a digital bathroom scale that has four precision sensors, allowing you to get an accurate reading every time.

What We Liked

This digital scale, from Etekcity, has four precision sensors. It is capable of delivering a weight reading within 0.2 pounds, or 0.01 kilograms, for incredible accuracy. For the best results, you should always place it on a flat, hard surface, rather than a carpeted area. The strong design works for individuals up to 400 pounds, as it is an eight millimeter tempered glass platform that won’t easily crack, bend, or warp. You should be able to enjoy years of fitness tracking with this model, which has low battery and overload indicators, auto calibration, and a backlit LCD light panel for a visible reading even in low lighting. This scale runs on two long-lasting AAA batteries, which come with it. Get it here. 

Best Features

Upgraded Version Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scales for Body Weight Digital Scale Body Fat BMI Scale


Scale with Extra Features. This digital scale has many useful features, such as the ability to measure BMI and body fat percentage.

What We Liked

There’s no denying that some digital scales are fancier than others, and this one has more features than most. Apart from determining weight, it can also calculate BMI, body fat percentage, and water percentage. This scale can connect with an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. Once it has done so, you can sync it with various popular fitness apps, and it will share and log data with the apps. This is the scale for you if you’re trying to reach a certain fitness goal. Through the app, you can structure workouts, manage diet, and gain or lose weight safely. This scale also provides readings in pounds or kilograms, and it is safe for use with individuals up to 400 pounds. Buy it now. 

Best Bluetooth Connectivity

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


Scale with Bluetooth Connectivity. This is a digital scale with Bluetooth connectivity to sync with several popular fitness apps.

What We Liked

The RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale comes with a free smart app that syncs with many popular fitness apps, including Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. You can use it to set goals for yourself, and you can also save historical data to see how much weight you have gained or lost over the past weeks or months. This scale provides 13 essential measurements, including BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, weight, and body fat. It also displays graphs that keep track of all these metrics. You can get the app through Google Play or the App Store within seconds, and it only takes up 20 MB of storage. This connectivity allows you to share your progress with friends and family on social media, too. Buy it here. 

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