The Best Face Massage Roller

Adding a face massage roller to your daily routine can help relax the overworked muscles in the face and relieve some of the tension we carry around every day. Face massage rollers improve the tone and texture of your face and neck by increasing circulation and bring more oxygen to the cells in your skin. Whether it’s price, appearance, or benefits that you’re after, there’s a face roller available to suit your needs. Here are our top 5 choices.
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Top Choice

EDiva Natural Jade Roller

Simple and Effective. EDiva boasts of how easy to use their product is, which we found to be accurate.

What We Liked: 

After every use, your face will feel more awake and relaxed. Combine this with serums, oils, or moisturizers you already use to help relieve the tension you carry around the eyebrows, temples, and cheeks. This roller is cool to the touch, glides well on the face, and takes away the puffiness around your eyes. Buy it here.

Editor’s Choice

Esarora Ice Roller

Lifesaver. Esarora claims their ice roller is great for relieving tension and fatigue around the eyes and temples, which we found to be accurate

What We Liked: 

This ice roller works amazingly for easing the pain from sinuses or tension from migraines. Use this roller whenever you feel tired or after cleansing your skin to help reduce redness in your face. Great for morning routines as it invigorates and energizes. Get it here.

Honorable Mention

Roselyn Boutique Jade Roller

Soothing Jade Roller. This stylish jade roller is an essential item for your daily routine.

What We Liked: 

Small enough to care with you anywhere, this jade roller is perfect for on the go treatment. Helps you relax, releases stress in the face and brings you many cosmetic benefits. You’ll be surprised by how cooling the jade feels against your skin. Buy it now.

Honorable Mention

Sdara Derma Roller

Best Value. The Sdara derma roller is an affordable option for quality skin treatment.

What We Liked: 

Great for treating indented acne scars, you’ll start seeing positive results from using this derma roller in just a few weeks. A more affordable option than purchasing professional micro needling treatments, this roller is easy to use and works great for early morning or end of the day routines. Combine this roller with your current skin care serums and be amazed at how effective it is. Buy it here.

Best Duo

Truweo Jade Roller and Gua Sha Scraping tool

Amazing Skin Treatment Duo. Truweo claims that their roller will produce significant changes in your skin within days, and includes a Gua Sha scraping tool.

What We Liked: 

This duo features a jade face roller and a Gua Sha scraping stone that relieves muscle aches and pains. The jade face roller reduces dark spots and puffiness with the first use. This roller is cooling, relaxing, and therapeutic for all skin types. It’s also lightweight, made from quality materials, and the gua sha scraping stone works great for muscle massages. The Trweo face massager refreshes your skin, works well without any pain, and is perfect for gifting. Buy it here.