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The Best Ginseng Powder

In use for hundreds of years as a traditional medicine, ginseng’s benefits are many. It’s well-known as an immune system booster, used to decrease the severity and incidence of colds, and it may lower blood sugar levels according to some studies. One interesting benefit is that it may help boost powers of concentration as well. Adding ginseng to your diet doesn’t need to start with preparing the whole root: Powdered, concentrated ginseng, either in capsules or mixed into your food, has the same benefits. These are our favorite brands.
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Best Capsules

Premium Korean Red Panax Ginseng 1200mg

Strong Dose

Get your daily fill of ginseng with these supercharged caps.

What We Liked

These capsules have the biggest dose of any similar product we looked at, packing 1200 mg of pure Asian ginseng into each pill. The veggie capsules are convenient, allowing you to supplement on the go, and the benefits are many. Take it to boost energy without putting yourself in danger of a caffeine crash later in the day, or use it regularly as an immune supplement. Buy it here. 

Most Affordable Capsules

180 Capsules-Korean Red Panax Ginseng Extract

Extra Strength Support

Don’t compromise quality for price.

What We Liked

Supplements can get expensive, so we appreciated this reasonably-priced ginseng cap. Each capsule is filled with 100% Korean red ginseng, allowing you to easily increase your focus or add a little extra pep to your day. The manufacturer guarantees at least 5% ginsenosides, the main active ingredient in ginseng, so you don’t need to worry about your herbal supplement’s potency. Get it now. 

Best Powder

Maximum Strength Organic Ginseng Root 200:1 Powder

Organic Boost

Customize your ginseng intake.

What We Liked

There are many reasons to use ginseng powder instead of a pill. Some people prefer it, as it lets them enjoy the same boost without having to take another capsule. Instead, mix this organic powder into a drink or snack and eat it instead. This concentrate is vegan and non-GMO as well, and doesn’t contain any additives. Get it here. 

Most Affordable Powder

Bulksupplements Ginseng Root Extract Powder

Convenient Supplement

Mixes into drinks and smoothies.

What We Liked

So you’ve tried ginseng powder and you’re all-in. Buy it in bulk—serious bulk—with this brand. Available in bags of up to 11 pounds, this mix has the same 5% ginsenosides as other reputable brands. Unlike other brands, Bulksupplements doesn’t certify its product as organic or non-GMO, but that’s a small price to pay for, well, a small price. Use daily to help support immune system function and keep energy levels stable. Buy it now.