The Best Grip Socks

Whether you enjoy barre classes or yoga, having footwear that keeps you from slipping is critical. Grip socks help you maintain your pose so you can stay focused in the moment and not worry about if your foot is going to shift. Additionally, grip socks help you with your balance, which is really important during barre classes since you’re often on your toes. If your barre or yoga studio require socks to keep the floors sanitary, these will be sure to help you out. Here are some of our top picks for grip socks.

Best Full Cushioned Sole

Yoga Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips & Straps

Cushioned Grip Socks. These grip socks have ballet-inspired elastic straps to keep the sock from slipping around on your feet and work well for yoga, barre, ballet, Pilates, and more.

What We Liked

These grip socks feature ballet-inspired elastic straps to keep your sock in place regardless of your activity. These stylish socks are made of natural combed cotton to keep your feet dry. The bottoms of the socks are made with 100 percent silicone grips arranged in a pattern to provide secure traction. The comfortable cushioned padding helps prevent blisters and calluses. These grip socks fit women’s shoe size from 5.5 to 11. We liked that these stylish grip socks feature ballet-inspired elastic to keep the socks in place, cushioned padding for comfort and to prevent blisters and that the silicone grip pattern provides complete coverage on the bottom of the socks.  Buy on Amazon.

Best Silver Technology

QING Non-Skid Yoga Socks for Women

Ballet-Inspired Grip Socks. These ballet-inspired grip socks are made with breathable cotton and contain silver ion technology to resist odors and keep your feet fresh during use.

What We Liked

These ballet-inspired grip socks have an elastic-style strap to keep your socks in place. These socks are made with breathable cotton to absorb sweat and keep your feet dry. Additionally, these socks are made with silver ion technology to help protect against odors and bacteria to keep your feet fresh. These socks are made using a precision weaving technology to create a soft sock with a gentle elastic stretch. These durable socks will withstand repeated use. The grip dots cover the bottom of the sock to keep you from slipping, but there is enough cushioning in the sock to keep you from feeling the dots when standing. The socks come in women’s US size 6 to 10. If these socks aren’t for you, they come with a 90-day full refund or replacement policy. We liked that these grip socks have a ballet-inspired strap to keep the sock secure, anti-odor technology, and 90-day return policy.  Buy Now.

Best Low-Cut Design

Muezna Non-Slip Yoga Socks for Women

Low-Cut Non-Slip Grip. These low-cut grip socks are made from combed cotton and provide secure, anti-slip grip with 100 percent silicone grips.

What We Liked

These grip socks are made with a low-cut design that’s perfect for your workouts or everyday wear around your home. The breathable combed cotton absorbs sweat and keeps your feet cushioned and comfortable. The bottom contains 100 percent silicone grips to provide a non-slip surface. The comfortable sock mouth is easy to put on yet ensures the sock doesn’t slide around on your feet when using. These socks fit most small to medium women shoe sizes (US 5 to 10). The socks also come with a free gift bag for gifting or storage. The socks come with a 60-day full refund policy if you aren’t satisfied with the socks. We liked that these socks have a low-cut design, stay put on your feet, and are made with breathable cotton.  Available on Amazon.

Best Seamless 

Rymora Non-Slip Grip Socks for Women and Men

Great for Men or Women. These non-slip grip socks are made with a seamless toe to prevent any rubbing during your workouts and are great for men or women. 

What We Liked

These non-slip grip socks work well for men or women. The socks are made with a comfortable cuff to prevent the socks from slipping around on your feet. The breathable mesh top keeps your feet comfortable and cool. The supportive arch band provides extra support in the right places when working out, and the seamless toe design prevents any irritation during your workout. The dotted grip design covers the bottom of the socks to provide quality anti-slip grip perfect for any exercise activity, around the house, or if you’re in the hospital. Of note, these socks are not suitable if you have swollen ankles or feet. We liked that these grip socks come in sizes for men and women and have a seamless toe to help avoid irritation during workouts. Pick Up a Pair on Amazon.

Easy On

LA Active Grip Socks

Super Comfortable Pull-On. These ankle high grip socks have an attached padded pull tab to make the socks easy to put on, as well as keep them in place.

What We Liked

 These anti-slip grip socks provide maximum traction that’s perfect for any workout or around the house or hospital. The thick, flexible fibers move with you and provide cushioning, support, and help you stay balanced. The attached pull tab makes the socks easy to put on. The socks are lined with four-yarn terry loops for comfort and softness. The anti-slip grip dots fully cover the bottom of the socks with extra attention on the heels and toes. These socks are designed to fit men or women and come in a variety of sizes. We liked that these grip socks work well for men and women and come with an attached padded pull tab to make them easy to put on.  Buy Today on Amazon.