The Best Heart Rate Chest Straps

As we progress further into the 21st century, we are able to monitor health as never before, due to the emergence of new forms of technology. This is true in the form of fitness apps, wearables, and practical devices such as the heart rate chest strap. This device consists of straps that go around the chest of an individual to monitor heart rate in a safe and accurate manner. If taking part in an activity such as jogging, rowing, swimming, or cycling, the chest strap will let you know if your heart rate is staying at a healthy level or if you’re overdoing things. This is especially important if you’re an athlete trying to monitor performance capabilities, or if you have a heart condition and want to make sure you’re exercising safely while keeping out of danger. Heart rate chest straps offer different features that are adapted for certain activities. Take a look at our list of reliable heart rate chest straps.

Most Versatile

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor for Men and Women


Chest Strap with Excellent Connectivity. This heart rate chest strap is capable of syncing with many popular apps and wearables.

What We Liked

This particular heart rate chest strap can connect with many of the most popular fitness apps, such as Nike and Strava. It also syncs with sport and smart watches, like Apple, Polar, and Garmin. The Polar H10 is extremely accurate, providing top-quality, real-time ECG measurement as you exercise, making it a favorite of many pro athletes and fitness aficionados. It has connectivity through Bluetooth and ANT+. You attach the straps with electrodes, silicone dots, and an easy-to-use buckle. This design provides stability so the strap doesn’t move while you’re in the midst of activity, even high-intensity exercises like rowing, swimming, or running. Plus, it’s fully waterproof! Get it here. 

Best for Swimming

Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor


Lightweight Heart Rate Chest Strap. This heart rate chest strap, from the well-known fitness company Garmin, is ideal for swimming.

What We Liked

If you like to enjoy life on the water and want to keep track of your heart rate as you do so, this is the monitor for you. This is one of the most comfortable and compact heart rate monitors on the market. Featuring rounded edges and no exposed seams, it remains snug without getting in the way as you engage in intense workouts. With this chest strap, you can store up to 20 hours of heart rate data, which is great for endurance swims or triathlons. You can then forward that saved data to a compatible device at the end of your session. When the monitor is out of the water, it can send real-time heart rate data to a synced watch. Plus, the battery can last up to 10 months with an hour of use per day. Buy it now. 

Best for Runners

CooSpo Fitness Tracker Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap


Chest Strap for Runners. This is a heart rate chest strap that works in conjunction with many popular running and jogging apps.

What We Liked

The CooSpo Fitness Tracker Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap is likely to be the best choice for dedicated runners or joggers. It can capture real-time heart rate, training zones, and calories burned. This strap works with compatible training apps, and you can monitor progress with it on a tablet or smartphone. It also works through Bluetooth connectivity with such apps as Peloton, Runkeeper, DDP Yoga, Nike Run Club, and Endomondo. The adjustable chest strap means that it is comfortable to wear, and it won’t bounce or move around, even during the most intense part of workouts. Get it today.

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