The Best Hemp Balm

Hemp balms are great for relieving skin pain, especially those caused by persistent conditions like eczema. These creams are made with hemp extract and often use only organic and natural ingredients. Containing omega-three fatty acids and other vitamins, these creams will hydrate your skin and relieve inflammation, redness, and itchiness. Think you should invest in some hemp balm? We’ve put together a list of our favorites below.

Best Scent

Hemp Pain Relief Cream


Filled with omega-three fatty acids, this cream has a pleasant and light scent.

What We Liked:

We loved the light scent of this cream, which was pleasant and quickly faded. This cream has a fast-acting formula that helps your skin to heal quickly. Better yet, its effects are long-lasting, so you won’t constantly need to apply. And made of natural ingredients like hemp oil, aloe vera, sunflower, and emu oil, this cream won’t irritate your skin further. Buy it today.

Most Potent

Ramina Natural Hemp Extract Cream


The high potency of the hemp extract in this cream ensured quick and effective pain relief.

What We Liked:

This cream is the best pick if you’re looking for quick and effective pain relief. It contains 15,000 mg of hemp extract, which makes it the most potent on our list. This ensures that you will receive enough relief to keep you comfortable throughout the day. We also loved that this cream did not leave a greasy residue and easily dried against skin. This cream is made in the United States and has a satisfaction guarantee. Get it here.

Best Organic

Organic Hemp Seed Oil Healing Cream


Made entirely of organic materials, this cream will easily repair your skin beyond its outer layers.

What We Liked:

Available in two sizes, this hemp seed oil is made entirely of organic materials, so you can feel confident using it on yourself and your family. We loved this oil because it will quickly heal not only the top layer of your skin. Instead, it penetrates deep into your skin to ensure that you are entirely healed. The company even guarantees visible results or they will refund your money. Buy it today.

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