The Best Hijabs for Yoga

Maintaining modesty during physical activity and sports is important in many cultures and situations. Sport hijabs allow you to experience comfort, cultural integrity and build confidence while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The shape, fit, and functionality of the material is important to ensure that you can move freely and securely. We’ve reviewed three great products in the market below to help you remain confident while you move.
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Most Versatile 

Artizara One Piece Stretch Sports Hijab


Versatile Sports Hijab. Hijab that can be worn while participating in sports activity and beyond. 

What We Liked: 

The Artizara One Piece Stretch Sports Hijab provides just the versatility needed to transition from sports to everyday activities. We particularly like the multiple color options to coordinate with different outfits worn throughout the week. The soft rayon material is stretchy, making it easy to pull on and adjust. The fabric is breathable, feels cool against the skin, and is easy to wash by hand for continued use. Buy it here.

Most Breathable Material 

The ATTIQA Sport Hijab


Comfortable Fit Sports Hijab. Hijab made of comfortable, breathable dry-fit materials. 

What We Liked: 

The ATTIQA Sport Hijab is comfortable and functional. We paired it up with a favorite pair of headphones and didn’t experience any slip of the material or interruption to the workout music. The dri-fit materials provide the perfect ventilation and easy moisture removal. This sporty design is a great addition to workout gear. It's available here.

Day & Night Option 

Ksweet Women Hijab Cap 4pc


The Hijab for All Occasions.  Hijab that can be worn day or night, through physical activity. 

What We Liked: 

The Ksweet Women Hijab Cap 4pc provides a soft, comfortable fit with its cotton blend material. The breathable fabric is easily tucked both over and behind the ears for a neat, covered appearance. We found the matte finish could be worn both day and night for a solid, smooth look. Perfect for workouts and with no pins required, we plan to sport the different colored caps during our toughest workouts. Buy it here.