The Best Interactive Yoga Mats

Yoga mats have long been a tool for toning muscles and boosting flexibility. Recently, interactive yoga mats have been developed to allow users to properly align their poses and, in turn, have a more effective workout. These yoga mats come embedded with guiding markers to improve pose posture, form, and produced results. We’ve compiled 3 of our favorite interactive yoga mats suitable for kids and adults alike. With a variety of interactive features, grips, and styles, you’re bound to find the perfect mat for your home.

Best Overall

Liforme Travel Yoga Mat


Guiding Yoga Mat. This yoga mat has subtle groove guide marks to help you align your poses.

What We Liked: 

This standard-sized yoga mat is great for beginners and professionals alike with its lightweight construction and nonslip grip. It comes in a variety of 4 colors and is notably made out of biodegradable materials, so you’ll feel great about your earth-friendly purchase. The guiding marks help guide you through a number of poses while still remaining discreet. You’ll also find a travel bag included, making this yoga mat perfect for yogis on the go. Buy it today.

Best for Kids 

Yogi Junior Kids Yoga Mat


Yoga Made Fun. These colorful yoga mats are printed with friendly creatures to get your kids excited to try yoga.

What We Liked: 

This mat is fun-sized for kids, measuring in at 52 X 24”. It comes in 15 different color options, so you’re bound to find one perfectly suited to your kid’s unique sense of style. These mats are ultra-lightweight for easy transport, and they’re double-padded, making them cushy enough for energetic and growing youngsters. You can use the printed animals on the mat to help guide a child’s yoga poses and keep your kiddo engaged in healthy exercise for hours to come. Get it here.

Best for Beginners

The Chi Mat 


Gamified Yoga. This mat connects with a free IOS app so you can learn yoga poses by using the embedded shapes and symbols.

What We Liked: 

For a more modern approach to yoga, check out these mats, which double as a fun yoga game. These mats connect to an IOS app that helps you learn yoga poses by matching up your hands and feet with the guiding printed symbols. And they’re not just for kids, either—Chi mats come in kid and adult sizes, so everyone can join in on the fun! This eco-friendly mat is super soft, so you’ll love using it for the joy of yoga gaming and during more focused exercises as well. Buy it here.