The Best Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are an excellent piece of equipment for use in gyms or at home. There are tons of different uses and movements you can do to build full body strength, rehab from injury, increase your cardio, and much more. No matter your fitness level or goals, there are benefits to adding med-ball use to your Pilates workout routines. But, quality matters and not all medicine balls are created equal. The med-balls we put into this roundup are high-quality, durable, and designed for maximum efficiency.

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Best Grip

Day 1 Fitness Medicine Ball


Super Strong Material. A durable medicine ball designed and built with quality and functionality in mind.

What We Liked: 

Day 1 Fitness designed this medicine ball with strong rubber and high-quality construction so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or tearing. Its shock absorption is perfect for slams, throws, and rolling it around on hard ground. The dual textured shell allows for a great grip even when sweaty. It’s always a good idea to start with a lighter weight and move up as you become stronger. Day 1 Fitness makes these medicine balls starting at four pounds all the way up to 20 pounds, so you can safely work up in weight. Buy it now.

Best Quality For Price

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball


Perfect For Any Fitness Level. Perfect for working on increasing strength or rehabbing from injuries throughout the entire body.

What We Liked: 

Amazon has really worked to provide high-quality products at a great price. We weren’t let down by their medicine ball. Built with a rugged design and sturdy rubber, you won’t destroy this thing tossing it around in the gym or even the parking lot. These medicine balls come in weights from four pounds to 20 pounds, so there is a perfect weight to accommodate any fitness level. Buy it here.

Best Color Options

 JBM Medicine Ball


Comfortable And Easy Grip. With lots of different sizes and color options, there’s a JBM medicine ball for everyone to improve their strength and health.

What We Liked: 

The textured, premium material used in the JBM medicine balls made for an easy and comfortable grip during all types of workouts and movements. Super multifunctional, and perfect for full body workouts or isolated muscle work. The JBM ball comes in seven different color options, and weights started as low as two pounds and scale all the way up to 15 pounds. Great for gym or home use. Buy it here.