The Best Milk Thistle Supplements

For thousands of years, milk thistle has been used as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments. In contemporary natural medicine, we know it for its benefits to the liver, as an antioxidant and provide pain relief. To get the pain relief, detoxifying and antioxidant benefits you don’t have to grow, harvest, and ingest whole milk thistle plants. As a supplement, producers extract the beneficial compounds from the plant and put them into capsule form. Check the size and concentration of the dose and the number of capsules per bottle to choose the right milk thistle supplement for you.
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Best Overall

 Puritan’s Pride Milk Thistle 

 Affordable Six Month Supply. 180 soft gels with 250 mg of 4:1 milk thistle extract for the price of a couple of lattes; an affordable way to optimize liver health and take daily antioxidants.

What We Liked:

Puritan’s Pride has been in business for 40 years making vitamins and supplements, with established methods of extraction you can trust in the consistency of their products. Get it now.

Best Antioxidant Formula 

Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle 

Concentrated Extract. Each dose in this 200 capsule bottle contains 150 mg of 30:1 extract, of which 80% are flavonoids for free radical scavenging.

What We Liked: 

This concentrated extract is primarily the three isomers known as silymarin, which act as antioxidants in the body. Silymarin supports liver function by supporting protective glutathione levels. Get it here.

Strongest Dose 

Fresh Nutrition Milk Thistle Capsules 

Five Times Standard Strength. While at a higher price point than other supplements, this 60 capsule bottle packs every dose with 500 mg of 20:1 milk thistle extract.

What We Liked:

For intense immune defense boosting, you can take up to 1000 mg of silymarin a day with this supplement. Get it here.

Best for Liver Health

FarmHaven Milk Thistle Capsules 

Potent Silymarin Concentration. Get 120 capsules per bottle, each pill has 375 mg of 30:1 milk thistle extract, with 80% silymarin, it’s a perfect mid-size dose for effective detoxification.

What We Liked: 

Besides liver detox, silymarin helps with digestion, joint inflammation, and supports your existing immune function. These capsules have a mild flavor and are easy to swallow. Buy it now.

Most Trusted

Nature’s Bounty Milk Thistle Capsules

Experience Herbal Health. Great for incorporating into an existing supplement routine, and with 200 capsules in every bottle you won’t run out quickly.

What We Liked: 

Nature’s Bounty has dedicated themselves to scientific research to create the highest quality supplements with consistency you can trust. These capsules contain 250 mg of milk thistle with 80% silymarin. Buy it here.