The Best Organic Hair Serums

Transform your hair to be sleek, shiny, and silky with hair serum! Your mane with be radiant and glistening with only a few drops of serum. Hair serums coat the surface of your individual hairs and gives you a smoother, shinier and healthier appearance. Serums are often preferred over hair oils, because they don’t actually penetrate your hair, which can be harmful. Serums are fast-acting and you will see quicker When you want a hair serum to complement your lifestyle, you don’t want a product made with harsh chemical ingredients. Here are five organic options to consider.
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Best for Multi-Use

PURA D'OR Moroccan Argan Oil

Replace Multiple Beauty Products with This One Oil. Argan oil can do it all, making many of your current beauty products obsolete.

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This organic Argan oil is not only a hair serum, but also an all-in-one product that can fill a variety of needs. Use it on your body, skin, hair or face to heal a dry scalp, soothe and restore skin, soften wrinkles and fine lines and restore elasticity. The oil is not only organic, but also hypoallergenic and gluten-free. Get it here.

Best for Oily Hair and Acne-Prone Users

Vitamin E Serum by Leven Rose

Oil and Oily Hair Can Coincide. Think because you have oily hair and acne-prone skin, you can’t use a hair serum? Think again, argan oil can reduce over production of oil.

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This Vitamin E serum is suitable for use on your scalp, around your nail beds and on your face and body. While many people with oily or acne-prone skin shy away from using serums, thinking the added oil will only compound their issues, that’s not the case with this option. Its combination of essential oils help to clear up skin issues of all types, acne included, while hydrating and cleansing the scalp and nourishing nails and skin. Buy it today.

Best for Severely Damaged Hair

Kate Blanc Cosmetics Jojoba Oil

Repair Your Hair with Ease. Whatever the damage, this hair serum will fix it

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Jojoba oil is perfect for daily use for those who want to grow longer and thicker hair. Jojoba oil is one of the few natural products on the market that can be used to promote hair growth without any undesirable chemicals. Repair dry, brittle, broken hair, while moisturizing dry scalps and fighting dandruff. Jojoba oil is also suitable for use in beards. Buy it here.

Best Budget

Namskara Organic Castor Oil

Start Repairing Your Hair for Under $10. Enjoy celebrity-worthy hair on any kind of budget

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This affordable organic hair serum is created from castor seeds and helps to grow hair, prevent hair loss and nourish your roots. However, this serum isn’t only good for use on your scalp. It also works on other types of body hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. The serum even comes with eyebrow and eyelash applicators, for easy use. Get it here.

Best Made-in-the-USA

InstaNatural Organic Argan Oil

Support Local Business While Nourishing Your Hair. Put your beauty dollars back into the American economy

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InstaNatural is a U.S.-located company that started as a small skin care business. The products are still created in the United States, with the headquarters based in Florida, with the Argan oil shipped in from Morocco. You’ll enjoy all the beloved benefits of Argan oil, while also putting your dollars back into a locally-owned and operated business. Get it here.