The Best Paddleboards for Yoga

Today, it’s common to see people doing yoga anywhere—and we mean anywhere. In recent years, stand-up paddleboard yoga (or SUP yoga) has become popular. In this variation, yogis balance on paddleboards for some extra zen in their routines. SUP yoga is a fun way to challenge yourself and try something new. Most paddleboards are five or six inches thick. Those that are five inches thick are more stable because they sit lower on the water. If you’re a beginner, try to select a board that has a wide deck pad that takes up ¾ of the board, which will give you a better grip. The deck pad should be thin and flat to keep it from digging into your skin. Generally, inflatable boards are recommended because they are easier on your body than hard boards.Thinking about trying SUP yoga? Check out our favorite paddleboards for yoga below to get started.

Best Control

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard


Reliable SUP Prop. This extra-wide, inflatable board has three fins, which allows it to be very maneuverable.

What We Liked:

If you’re hoping to find a paddleboard that will be easy to control, look no further than SereneLife’s paddleboard. The three fins underneath this board greatly increase maneuverability. And because it’s extra-wide, it may be easier for beginners to balance. This board comes in four different colors, along with an adjustable paddle, repair kit, storage bag, air pump and hose, and more. Get it here.

Best Deck Pad

 Retrospec Weekender Yogi Extra Wide Paddleboard


Huge Deck Pad. With a large deck pad extending nearly the length of the board, this paddleboard will be easy to grip with bare toes.

What We Liked:

Large deck pads often make paddleboards easier for use during SUP yoga. This board is a perfect example and has a pad the extends almost the entire length of the board so you can move with ease. Designed specifically for SUP yoga use, this board is made of three durable layers designed to ensure a longlasting board. It comes with a collapsible aluminum paddle, repair kit, waterproof phone case, pump, and a storage bag. Get it today.

Best for Experienced Yogis

FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light SUP


Lightweight Board. This paddleboard is very light and six inches thick, making it more difficult to balance and suitable for more experienced yogis.

What We Liked:

This board weighs less than 18 pounds, making it very light for a paddleboard. Combined with its six-inch thickness, this pick is a great option for experienced yogis looking for a more difficult workout. Designed with extra layers of PVC board, this choice from FunWater will hold up. It comes with an adjustable paddle, storage bag, pump, three fins, waterproof phone case, repair kit, and coil leash. Buy it here.