The Best Pilates Rings

Pilates is one of the best ways to strengthen your body while simultaneously promoting proper posture. This trendy form of exercise has expanded to include the pilates ring, a resistance device that focuses on toning your body gently over time. There are a number of inventive ways to incorporate this device into your health routine, making it a great accessory to any home gym or studio. Here are some of our favorite pilate rings out on the market today.

Most Portable

Probody Pilates Pilates Ring


Portable Pilates. The Probody Pilates ring comes with a convenient carrying case making for easy transport. 

What We Liked:

This 14-inch pilates ring comes in five different colors made to match the landscape of any studio. Notably, the grips are water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about this ring wearing down during intense exercise. Probody Pilates also has a 90 days money-back guarantee should the ring fall short in any way. Customers love how sturdy this ring is, even with daily use. Get it here.

Best Overall

URBNFit Pilates Ring Fitness Circle


Sturdy Pilates Ring. This ring is made out of ultra-durable fiberglass, making it built to last. 

What We Liked:

The URBNFit pilates ring features a compact 12-inch loop making it ideal for small spaces. With the durable fiberglass interior, the ring rarely bends out of shape and lends itself to strenuous exercise. This ring comes in teal, pink, or black and comes with a helpful startup guide to get you excited to move immediately. Get it today.

Best Value

ProsourceFit Pilates Resistance Ring


Exercise in Comfort. This ring has added padded handles making exercising different parts of your body a breeze. 

What We Liked:

The ProsourceFit Pilates ring is made out of durable steel, so it’ll be able to handle your toughest workest. Though it is not lightweight, the 14-inch ring features soft foam handles for easy usage and transport. Customers loved the four different color options and found this ring to be useful for a surprising amount of different exercises. It’s available here.

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