The Best Pulse Oximeters

A small device that clips onto your fingertip; a pulse oximeter measures your blood oxygen level and heart rate, providing useful information in just a few seconds. Importantly, these at-home devices available online are meant for athletic and aviation use only and are not intended for medical use, but they can help to confirm normal blood oxygen levels for healthy people, which may bring some added peace of mind in the current pandemic. If you’re eager to find a pulse oximeter to keep on hand, we’ve rounded up four different options to get you started. These devices feature different designs, added features, display settings, and portability options.

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Best Overall

ANKOVO Pulse Oximeter 


Convenient and Highly-Rated. With its bright LED display and latex-free silicone material, this pulse oximeter from ANKOVO comes with a convenient lanyard and boasts hundreds of top reviews from happy customers, making it a great overall choice. 

What We Liked

This popular pulse oximeter displays blood oxygen saturation level and a heart rate bar graph on its large LED screen, which comes with a removable screen protector designed for added durability. Order Online.

Most Versatile

Innovo Premium Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Six Layout Options. Boasting a rotatable display with six layout options and 10 adjustable brightness levels, this pulse oximeter from Innovo allows you to see the results from different directions and in different settings—whether you’re reading it in a bright room, or having someone else read it in a poorly-lit space.

What We Liked

In addition to measuring blood oxygen saturation levels, pulse rate, and pulse strength, this versatile pulse oximeter also includes a plethysmograph and perfusion index designed to indicate the best time to take a reading. Purchase Yours Today.

Best Simple Design

Metene Pulse Oximeter


Easy to Use. Featuring a large LED display and a simple black design with intuitive one-button operation, this Metene pulse oximeter frequently receives top marks from happy customers for its ease of use and easy-to-read display.

What We Liked

Offering a clear display of oxygen saturation and pulse, this easy-to-use pulse oximeter also shuts down automatically after eight seconds without use, for added simplicity. Get It Here.

Most Portable

Facelake FL-350 Pulse Oximeter


Lanyard and Carrying Case. Featuring a small size and coming with a convenient lanyard and nylon carrying case, this Facelake pulse oximeter stands out for its portability: it can easily be worn around the neck, or hooked onto a belt with the case’s belt slip.

What We Liked

Coming with 2 AAA batteries, this highly portable pulse oximeter also brings added reassurance by being backed by a full one-year warranty. Buy Now.