The Best Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps have become wildly popular among health and natural wellness practitioners over the past several years. Once a unique and exotic piece of decor you might spot in a spa, Himalayan salt lamps are now available for purchase in just about any home goods store. Carved from Himalayan rock salt and outfitted with a lightbulb, these lamps are claimed to boost your mood, enhance sleep, and improve air quality. Whether you’re seeking some of these reported health benefits or you just want a calming and relaxing accent light for your home, here are four of the best Himalayan salt lamps to consider.
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Best for Home Decor

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp by Himalayan Glow

One of the Most Unique Himalayan Salt Lamps on the Market. Many salt lamps look similar — a domed salt rock lit from within. This salt lamp offers a completely different aesthetic, making it an eye-catching conversation starter suitable for use in any room.

What We Liked: 

This Himalayan salt lamp is created to look like a glowing basket of crushed, pink salt chunks. The Roman-style metal basket allows you to see all of the salt clearly, which, when lit, is not unlike a basket of glowing embers. More like an interesting piece of artwork than a simple Himalayan salt lamp, it’s easy to see why this option would be preferred for its unique aesthetic. Get it here.

Most Authentic 

Himalayan Glow Natural White Salt Lamp Night Light

One-of-a-Kind Lamp with Unique Size, Shape, Color, and Accents. You’ll be able to see the authenticity of each of these hand-picked, hand-carved crystals.

What We Liked: 

These lamps offer an authentic appeal, with each hand-picked and hand-carved crystal sporting its own defining size, shape, color, and markings. The focus is clearly on the crystal itself, as the only other feature of the lamp is a small, well-made and stylish wooden base, just big enough to securely position your lamp on a desk, nightstand, or other piece of home furniture. Buy it today.



 Bright and Illuminated Salt. Tap into the natural health benefits of salt or just enjoy its aesthetic appeal on a much brighter scale.

What We Liked: 

This salt lamp is budget-friendly, but it certainly doesn’t allow its quality to suffer because of the affordability. It comes outfitted with a 15-watt bulb, naturally antibacterial wooden base, six-foot cord, and dimmer switch. Outfit your office, bedroom, or meditation space with a relaxing amber glow for less than 15 dollars. Buy it today.