The Best Savasana Long Sleeve Shirts

Is savasana your hands down favorite part of yoga? Do you feel compelled to shout your love for this pose from the rooftops for the whole world to hear? If so, it may be time to snag a shirt that announces your obsession over this relaxing pose. We’ve pulled together three of the best savasana-themed long sleeve shirts to help you find a comfy, visually-striking reminder of your favorite pose, perfect for your next class or anywhere your day takes you. Whether you’re looking for retro style, a bold statement, or something lighthearted and fun, you’ll be able to find a savasana shirt you’ll love among our picks.

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Best Vintage Style Long Sleeve

Retro Savasana Yoga Lover Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Understated Retro. Featuring a simple “savasana” refrain in a vintage style, this long sleeve boasts savasana appreciation in an understated retro design available in 100 percent cotton.

What We Liked:

 If retro is your style of choice, this savasana long sleeve is the ideal pick. With its lightweight, classic fit and vintage design, this long sleeve will keep you comfortable in your favorite corpse pose, while making a nice retro addition to your closet. Buy it here.

Best Sassy Style Long Sleeve

Savasana Queen Yoga Lovers Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Make a Statement. With its sassy styling and cursive lettering, this “Savasana Queen” shirt adds a touch of bold personality to a comfortable long sleeve.

What We Liked: 

To announce your savasana obsession with a bolder statement, this long sleeve is the way to go. Featuring cursive lettering and a gold crown against a lightweight, solid-color background, this shirt can keep you cozy in savasana while making a cheeky statement at the same time. Get it now.

Best Bright Design Long Sleeve

I’m Just Here For Savasana Yoga Long Sleeve Shirt


Bright and Fun. With its lighthearted lettering and pop of yellow coloring, this savasana shirt brings long-sleeved comfort with a bright, mood-boosting design.

What We Liked: 

For a savasana-themed long sleeve that adds a boost of color and a lighthearted theme, you can’t go wrong with this shirt. And for those extra-challenging, way-too-early morning classes when you just can’t be bothered, point to the shirt and let it do the talking for you. Get it today.