The Best Speakers for Yoga

Speakers are an effective way to better connect with a large group. Using speakers within a yoga studio or classroom environment can help to enhance instruction, set the mood of a session, and even pace the flow. Installation, sound, and power are all important factors when evaluating your space and speaker needs. Three great speaker systems and their best features are captured below.

Best Quality

SoundBeast Minotaur All-in-One Karaoke 


Multi-Purpose Speaker with Microphones. Portable speaker with two wireless microphones for increased volume. 

What We Liked: 

The SoundBeast Minotaur All-in-One Karaoke machine provided clear, high-quality sound during our yoga classes. The intuitive smartphone shelf on the top of the speaker allowed us to easily connect to our stored music. We were able to adjust the volume as needed with a simple press of the button on our microphones. The ability to connect to phones, television, and tablets allows for endless music and sound options in the future. Buy it here.

Best Value for Price

Wireless PA System Speaker with UHF Headset Mic


Quality Speaker with Microphone. Compact Bluetooth speaker with long-range microphones. 

What We Liked: 

The Wireless PA System Speaker with UHF Headset Mic is compact, easy to carry, and allowed us to move around the room without any issues. The Bluetooth connection was seamless and the long-range microphones covered up to 100 feet. We took advantage of the ability to connect to the FM radio between yoga sessions. The microphone was easy to use. As we moved throughout the room, the connecting speaker provided great sound quality that was loud and clear. Get it here.

Most Versatile 

SHIDU 10W UHF Wireless Voice Amplifier


Speaker with Versatile Microphone Pack. Portable speaker with detachable microphone pack. 

What We Liked: 

The SHIDU 10W UHF Wireless Voice Amplifier provides incredible sound with a great microphone. We were able to take advantage of the versatility of the microphone. The ear hook was great to use while leading a yoga session, while the detachable clip and waistbands were equally easy to wear during instruction throughout the day. The auto sleep function was a great feature to conserve the rechargeable battery when not in use. We found this amplifier easy to use and loved that it provided great sound and versatility. It's available today.