The Best Sweatshirts for Yoga

On those cooler days, a yoga sweatshirt comes in handy to keep cozy and comfortable—whether for a chilly evening class inside a favorite studio or for a breezy morning meetup at the park. We’ve pulled together three of our favorite women’s yoga sweatshirts to help you find a great one to add to your collection of go-to pieces. Whether you’re looking for a loose-fitting pullover, a form-fitting zip-up, or something in between, you’ll be able to find a great option among our picks.
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Best Loose-Fitting Pullover

Gaiam Women's Long Sleeve Graphic Yoga T Shirt


Loose Fit in a Bold Design. Boasting a loose fit and unique design, the Gaiam long sleeve offers lightweight, stylish warmth with a comfortable fit.

What We Liked:

 For a flowy, loose-fitting top that stands out, the Gaiam long sleeve is a great choice. Made from a soft, moisture-wicking mix of rayon and spandex, this long sleeve boasts the functionality we need in a yoga top, with the bold design and flattering style that make it an enviable addition to our closets. Buy it now.

Best Zip-Up Sweatshirt

Global Blank Women’s Slim Fit Lightweight Full Zip Up Yoga Workout Jacket


Form-Fitting Full-Zip. Featuring a full-zip front and form-fitting style, this Global Blank zip-up offers durable warmth that pairs well with any outfit. 

What We Liked: 

For a greater amount of warmth in a slim fit, this Global Blank top is an excellent choice. Coming in a range of attractive solid colors, this full-zip jacket is the perfect versatile extra layer to throw over your favorite yoga outfit for that added bit of warmth on cooler days. Get it today. 

Best Half-Zip Sweatshirt

Cityoung Women's Yoga Long Sleeve Half Zip Sweatshirt


Slim-Fit Half-Zip. With its half-zip collar in a slim-fit style, this Cityoung jacket will keep you cozy while moving with you through all the poses.

What We Liked: 

Featuring a figure-hugging, slim-fit style with a half-zip design, this Cityoung jacket is perfect for those cooler sessions when you need to stay warm without feeling bulky or restricted. The jacket offers impressive stretch performance and sweat-wicking capabilities, so you can stay flexible and comfortable throughout challenging, cooler-weather workouts. It's available here.