The Best Training Timers

Whether you’re doing interval training, timed circuits, sprints, or timed meditations, having a reliable timer can be a key piece in making sure your exercises run smoothly and effectively. These useful fitness tools come in a range of styles, designs, and prices, so we’ve pulled together four of our favorites to help you find the right one. With options ranging from convenient lanyard timers to advanced Bluetooth-enabled devices, there should be a timer here that works for you.
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Best Clip-On

Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch

Small and Portable. Measuring just over two inches wide by under two inches tall, this compact timer from Gymboss comes with a removable belt-clip that allows it to easily clip onto clothing for convenient use during a workout.

What We Liked

Beyond its compact size and convenient design, this timer also features a built-in stopwatch and clock feature with chime and vibration interval notifications. You can actually get a lot of function out of this small device. Get it here. 

Best Bluetooth

GymNext Flex Timer

Mobile App. As the only Bluetooth-enabled timer on our list, this GymNext timer is a great choice for those who want the added versatility of being able to control a timer through a mobile app.

What We Liked

Through its unique app, this timer allows users to save and share workouts, and also features an audio-sync capability. This means you can automatically fade your music at the end of each round for a more customized, uninterrupted timed workout. Buy it now. 

Best Lanyard

Marathon ADANAC 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

Convenient and Budget-Friendly. Offering a classic water-resistant stopwatch for a budget-friendly price, this Marathon timer brings reliable convenience, thanks to its included 46-inch lanyard.

What We Liked

This affordable timer displays both the time and day, and it is capable of timing both single and split events, promising accuracy of 1/100th second. This one is a great pick for timing races and drills. Buy it now. 

Best Remote-Control

BTBSIGN 2.3" Programmable LED Interval Timer

Large and Bright. Measuring over 16 inches long and 4 inches tall, this large timer from BTBSIGN comes with a remote, making it both easy to read and simple to control.

What We Liked

For a large timer that can be controlled from a distance, this programmable timer stands out as a great choice. With it, you can set several different training and rest times, use it as a countdown clock and stopwatch, or use it for Tabata and EMOM training and more. Get it here.