The Best Yoga Door Hanger Sign

Even though you manage to carve out time for yoga at home, it doesn’t always mean your family and housemates will respect your scheduled self-care. Sometimes they just need a gentle reminder. Or, stop package delivery and door-to-door disruptions with a clear written statement. These ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hangers placed on an outer door handle will stop interruptions to your yoga practice. They’ll protect you against unwanted intrusions that can wait until after your final Savasana. Consider the size, the font, and the material to find the perfect sign for your aesthetic and tone.

Best Basic Design

My Sign Center Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Sign 


Sophisticated Design. Laser engraved with the phrase ‘Do Not Disturb,’ this single 8-inch by 4-inch door hanger is made from high-quality, scratch-resistant acrylic.

What We Liked: 

The back of the door hanger is a blank gold color, so you can just turn it around on the handle when you don’t need its message. It’s substantial but lightweight enough that it won’t rattle against the door during normal use. Get it here.

Most Effective 

Clever Signs Do Not Disturb Sign -In Session Door Hanger 2 Pack


Striking and Straightforward. These 9.25-inch by 3.5-inch black and white door hangers use blunt language and striking fonts which say ‘In Session’ and ‘Do Not Disturb,’ and they’re made from unbreakable PVC material.

What We Liked: 

To convey a straightforward message of privacy to those you share a house with, these door hangers are ideal. The plastic is lightweight so it’ll stay put on the knob, and it’s waterproof and UV-resistant for outdoor use. Buy it here.

Best Value Buy

Graphics and More Do Not Disturb Meditation in Session Plastic Door Knob Hanger


Charming and Fun. Made with durable plastic, this door hanger measures 3.5 inches by 9.5 inches and reads ‘Do Not Disturb Meditation in Session.’ Plus, the hole has a slit to accommodate all door knob sizes.

What We Liked: 

The font is whimsical, so it sets the ‘Do Not Disturb’ boundary in a charming way. It also has partial polka dots, which better suits home decor instead of a corporate or hotel aesthetic. It’s available today.

Most Stylish 

Quality Clever Do Not Disturb Sign 2 Pack, Executive Quality Eco Leather 


Simple Elegance. These black eco-leather 3-inch by 9.5-inch door hangers have a professional font and silver lettering that reads ‘Please Do Not Disturb. Thank You’ on both sides.

What We Liked: 

Use the two-pack on a single door to remind yourself of the sign hanging on the exterior. The stylish writing and faux-leather are a nice alternative to hanging a plastic sign on an interior door. It’s available here.

Best for Home Studios

Kichwit Do Not Disturb Sign, 2 Pack Door Knob Hanger Sign, Welcome Please Knock 


 Quiet and Polite. The 9-inch by 3-inch brown and green door hangers in this two-pack have ‘Please Do Not Disturb’ on one side and ‘Welcome Please Knock’ on the other.

What We Liked: 

They’re made from soft plastic that won’t rattle against the door, so you can leave them up around the clock. There’s also stitching around the edge to give the hangers a polished look. Buy it here.

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