The Best Yoga Poster Laminated

As you build a home yoga practice, yoga posters can inspire you to incorporate new poses into your flow. Yoga posters offer a quick visual reference of popular poses and a way to build a flow of your favorite asanas. They vary in their style, the depth of information, and the size of the poster. Shop some of our picks for the best yoga posters for every home studio.
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Best for Beginners

QuickFit Yoga Poses Poster 

Clear Instructions. Laminated and double-sided, this 18 by 27-inch poster has clear illustrations of 120 poses for both beginners and advanced yogis.

What We Liked: 

Because it’s laminated and double sided, you can also set it on the floor next to your mat for guidance during a workout. Helpful headings organize the poses, such as ‘Warm-Up’, ‘Stretching’, and ‘Strength-Building’ to plan the workout style you want for the day. Buy it here.

 Best for Practice Building

NewMe Fitness Yoga Pose Exercise Poster Laminated 

 Great Pre-Workout Refresher. High-gloss lamination and high-quality paper make this 20 by 30-inch poster durable, with easy to read metallic purple ink and clear illustrations.

What We Liked: 

Poses are sorted by style, in horizontal lines so you can find your flow from the top of the poster with ‘Standing Poses’ through ‘Forward Bends’ and ‘Twists’ to ‘Relaxation Poses’ at the end of your practice. Great for beginners, or advanced yogis who just need a refresher to switch up their routine. Buy it here.

Best for Home Gyms

Large Size Workout Poster Set

Yoga and More. This 12-pack of 17 by 27-inch posters is great for a home gym, with clear illustrations of yoga poses. As a bonus this set also includes 480 exercises for barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and stretching.

What We Liked: 

This poster pack eliminates any chance of getting bored with your workout routine, and lets your creativity flourish from day to day with different equipment, exercises, and new challenges. There’s a bonus poster showing muscle groups and a cheat sheet for the best exercises to tone every area of the body. Buy it here.

Most Complete Poster 

Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra Master Chart of 908 Postures

Every Variation. This extra-large 43 by 60-inch laminated poster features a namaste symbol and delicate illustrations of 908 different yoga postures and variations.

What We Liked: 

It’s a visual encyclopedia of yoga poses, overwhelming if you’re trying to build a flow on the fly, but useful for looking up new poses. At first glance it reads as art or decor, so it can hang in a living room or shared space and function as a guide and inspiration at the same time. Buy it here.

Most Stylish 

The Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster

Great for Living Room Yogis. Printed on lightweight canvas material, this 24 by 36-inch poster illustrates 62 beginner and intermediate poses with both their English and Sanskrit names.

What We Liked: 

From a distance, the poster looks like a tapestry or piece of art. The illustrations serve as quick reminders of the basic yoga poses, with helpful reminders of the Sanskrit names to grow your practice. Buy it here.