The Top Peanut Balance Balls

Peanut balance balls are different from normal balance balls in that they’re shaped like, you guessed it, a peanut. The oblong ball is larger on its two ends, with a dip in the middle, which provides added stability for users. Peanut balance balls are usually preferred by those who don’t have enough balance or skill to use a normal balance ball, such as children, the elderly or just beginners. Because of its shape, it can only roll forward and backward, never side to side, making it easier for you to stay upright and complete a workout without rolling off your balance ball time and time again. Interested in this unique balance ball option? Check out these four top peanut balance balls available on Amazon.

Best Option for Adult Users

Milliard Peanut Ball Blue


Enhance Your Workout. Make balance and core strength workouts easier with a peanut balance ball.

What We Liked

This balance ball is the perfect size and shape for adult users who want to incorporate a balance ball into their workout, but don’t find traditional balance balls to be a suitable fit. Use this balance ball to improve your posture and increase core strength from the comfort of your own home. Order Online.

Best Option for Medical Use

Wekin Physio Roll Therapy Fitness Excercise Peanut Ball for Balance


Help With Physical Therapy, Pregnancy and More. This balance ball has a wealth of health uses.

What We Liked

This balance ball is preferred for use in a health setting. It can increase balance and coordination in those undergoing physical therapy and it can help improve posture and comfort for those who are pregnant, while building up the pelvic floor. Purchase Yours Today.

Best Option for Kids

Gaiam Kids Peanut Balance Ball


The Perfect Balance Ball for Little Bodies. Now kids can workout alongside mom or dad.

What We Liked

If your child frequently wants to play with your balance ball, get them their own version instead. This peanut balance ball is easy and safe for kids to use and is designed for children ages 5 to 8. The unique design means fewer falls and spills, too. Get It Here.

Best Budget Option

Black Mountain Products Peanut Stability Ball


Small Cost, Big Benefits. Improve your stability and fitness on a budget.

What We Liked

Get this peanut stability ball for nearly half of what some of the other, higher-end stability balls cost. The ball is made from professional-grade material and can withstand 1,000 pounds of static weight. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Buy Now.