Top Large Exercise Sandbags

Bring power, explosiveness, and core strength to your garage, back yard, or living room with a durable sandbag that gives you a versatile way to up your training game. We found four bags for you to consider. Each has handles placed around the bag so you can press, twist, and slam these bags in many ways. Please note that sand is not included. There are a number of sizes available, allowing you to choose the best bag for your fitness and training needs.

Biggest Capacity

Garage Fit Sandbags for Fitness with Rubber Handles

Give it a Test

Pack in as much or little sand as you need into one of four sizes. 

What We Liked

The waterproof, nylon Cordura bag is tough enough to withstand rugged training. Punch it, drop it, and slam it without worrying about sand leaking out, thanks to the reinforced stitching, double-sealed liners, and durable zipper. With eight colors and four sizes that allow for weights from five to 200Lbs, you’re sure to find a perfect tool for your workout. They've even machine washable. Get it here. 

Most Durable

Ultra Fitness Gear Workout Exercise Sandbags

Take the Challenge

This exercise sandbag will test and strengthen your body while improving balance.

What We Liked

Diamondback Cross stitching, a heavy-duty YKK zipper 5-panel seat belt webbing, and double-stitching make this 1600D Military-spec Cordura bag incredibly durable bag. There's a 1-year guarantee on the PVC-coated fill bags but they're so tough you likely won't need it.  Two bag sizes are available. The Medium holds up to 75Lbs, while the Large is rated for up to 125Lbs. Buy it now. 

Best Versatility

PELLOR Fitness Weights Sandbags

You Deserve Options

The range of options you’re given helps to determine how well you will perform.

What We Liked

This set of three sandbags (10 lbs, 20 lbs, and 30 lbs are included) give you choice and versatility. With a total capacity of 60 pounds, you’ll find a ton of ways to improve your power, strength, and stability. Buy it here. 

Best for Beginners

Ultimate Sandbag Strength Package Adjustable Fitness Sandbag

Get Started Today

Two 40-pound sandbags allow you to choose the perfect starting weight. 

What We Liked

The easy-to-clean, durable vinyl bag is loadable from 40-80 pounds and comes with a  training DVD, instructional booklet, and a wall chart poster that takes you through a range of moves. Get it now.