Top Lithium Orotate Supplements

Many of us take supplements in order to support our bodies physical well-being and research shows that Lithium Orotate might support your mental well-being. Lithium Orotate is one of the best supplements to possibly help improve memory, boost mood and reduce stress. This is particularly useful with all of the distractions of today’s heavily digitized world, and if you live a busy dynamic life. With a variety of potencies and capsule doses, you’ll find the perfect supplement for your needs. Here are a few of our favorite lithium orotate supplements on the market today.

Best Overall

Weyland Lithium Orotate


Simple Nutrition. These 5mg Lithium Orotate capsules are made in the USA ensuring top-tier quality.

What We Liked: 

You’ll love these lithium orotate capsules by Weyland with their gluten-free and certified vegetarian capsules. Each supplement is packed with 5 mg of lithium orotate made in a pre-certified facility in the USA for excellent quality. With 60 included capsules, this is the perfect size for the casual user or someone just starting out with lithium orotate. Best of all, each bottle is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll get your money back if you have any qualms about your purchase. Buy it now.

Best Value

Lithium Orotate


Excellent Capsules. These capsules are a great value with 180 tablets per container at a modest price point.

What We Liked: 

These made in the USA capsules are of excellent quality. Notably, Purely Holistic offers about 50% more capsules than other brands for the price, with a whopping 180 supplements per bottle. Each supplement has 5mg of lithium orotate and is lab tested so you can feel great about your purchase. The non-GMO capsules are certified vegetarian and made without artificial preservatives. Buy it now.

Best For Beginners

Seeking Health Lithium Supplement


Top-Quality Tablets. This bottle contains 100 tablets of pure lithium orotate for possibly improving daily brain function.

What We Liked: 

Seeking Health offers high-quality lithium orotate capsules at a modest price point. Each bottle contains 100 capsules of 5 mg supplements to possibly help support stable moods and brain activity. The supplements are made without any GMOs or allergens, making them great for a wide array of users. You’ll love only having to take these capsules once a day as directed. Buy it now.

Editor’s Choice

Relentless Improvement Lithium Orotate 


Small-Batch Supplements. These supplements by Relentless Improvement are made by a small, family-owned business in the USA giving you top-notch supplements with every purchase.

What We Liked: 

You’ll love these high-quality supplements offered by Relentless Improvement. The small, family-owned company focuses on creating quality capsules in the USA ensuring quality products. Each bottle contains 130 capsules containing 5mg of Lithium Orotate each. With no added calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, or magnesium stearate, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the possible benefits of lithium orotate without having to worry about nasty preservatives. Buy it here.

Best For Bulk Use

NCI Advanced Research Dr. Hans Nieper Lithium Orotate Tablets


Certified Lithium Orotate Tablets. A single bottle comes with 200 tablets so you won’t have to constantly refill your supplements.

What We Liked: 

If you’re familiar with lithium orotate, or have a preference for tablets over capsules, check out these supplements. These tablets contain 4.6 mg per supplement which can be taken twice a day. The supplements come in a 2 pack as well, so this is the perfect purchase for the regular lithium orotate user. Overall, these quality tablets are perfect for possibly improving regular brain function. Get it here.

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