Top Scarves With Hidden Pockets

While traveling, it’s always useful to have crafty ways to protect valuables. Infinity scarves with hidden pockets make great confidential carriers, while still providing warmth and comfort during cold months. In this article, we’ll go over four of our top picks for women’s scarves with zipper pockets. With a wide variety of style options, fabric material, and hidden pocket features, you’re bound to find the perfect sneaky scarf for your needs.

Most Versatile

Infinity Scarf With Zipper Pocket


Flexible Infinity Scarf. This customizable infinity scarf comes with interchangeable snaps you can rearrange to make different clothing items.

What We Liked

We love how this versatile infinity scarf can be easily converted into a shawl, hoodie, or travel blanket. With customizable snaps, you’re able to craft the perfect accessory for whatever your needs may be. The tri-blend fabric is flexible and lightweight, making it excellent for a wide variety of climates. Plus, with two embedded built-in pockets, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless, hands-free travel. Get it here.

Best Overall

Infinity Scarf With 2 Hidden Zipper Pockets


Secure Scarf. This secure scarf features two different zipper pockets that will keep small items secure while traveling. 

What We Liked

You’ll love the feel of this ultra-lightweight bamboo scarf with its bamboo embedded fabric. The scarf has two reinforced zipper pockets to easily hold keys, cash, or any other valuables you may have on hand. This unisex scarf comes in over 10 different color options so that you can find the perfect accessory for your outfit. Best of all, this scarf can be machine-washed in warm water for an easy clean on the go. Buy it now. 

Best Value

Elzama Infinity Loop Solid Color Scarf


Solid Fashion Scarf. This versatile infinity loop scarf is perfect for pairing with any travel outfit. 

What We Liked

This versatile, solid color fashion scarf is made out of soft, jersey knit fabric to keep you comfortable while traveling. The scarf has a hidden reinforced zipper pocket perfect for storing keys, cash, or even a phone. Best of all, the scarf comes with a 45-day satisfaction guarantee so you can try it out risk-free. To keep your scarf in tip-top shape, simply throw it in the wash with warm water.  Buy it here.

Most Stylish

Travel Scarf with Zipper Pocket


Stylish Travel Scarf. This scarf comes in a signature plaid pattern that looks stylish while keeping your valuables safe. 

What We Liked

For a hidden pocket scarf with a little extra flair, check out this classy plaid infinity scarf. The scarf comes in over 20 different style options and serves as a great travel device as well as a classy fashion accessory. On this scarf, you’ll find a secure zipper pocket made to store cash, keys, or a phone. Overall, this scarf is an excellent pick for customers who want to enjoy a hidden pocket while still staying fashionable. Buy it now.