Top Sweater Ponchos

Cool and breezy nights can suddenly leave you needing an extra layer. A lightweight, fashionable sweater poncho is a convenient, affordable solution that will keep you comfortable and looking great. We chose three sweater ponchos that are versatile and stylish to help you knock off that chill without dragging you down.
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Best Lightweight Poncho Sweater

PULI Women's Versatile Knitted Scarf Poncho Sweater

Light and Versatile

Feel the comfort of this soft, lightweight material that is the perfect solution for cooler seasons.

What We Liked

The size of this super-soft, non-bulky poncho works great for just about everyone. It measures 59 inches in length and 23 inches wide. From the shoulders to the hemline, this poncho measures 33 inches in front and about 21.5 in the back. And with six buttons, you have the option to wear it as you please. Choose from 26 colors/designs for your next outing. Get it here. 

Best Reversible Sweater Poncho

KirGiaboWomen's Plaid Sweater Poncho

Quick-Change Solution

Changing your mind about wanting a dark color? Simply switch your reversible poncho to the lighter side.

What We Liked

The imitation cashmere feels great on the skin and doesn’t fade or leave you with fuzz to pick off. The loose-fitting, large size makes it a sure-fit for everyone. Plus, this reversible sweater poncho comes in three colors so you can match any outfit. Buy it now. 

Best Overall Design

Fomolom Women's Elegant Knitted Shawl Poncho

Warmth and Comfort

It’s easy to look great and stay warm with the lightweight sweater poncho that gives you choices.

What We Liked

The imitation cashmere material weighs just over half a pound and keeps you warm on chilly nights. You can easily switch the look from a V-collar to a boat-neck, too. The shawl measures 29.5 inches by 29.5 inches and is available in eight colors. Get it today.