Top Under Desk Ellipticals

Being able to work out in any situation means you can skip the gym and get more done at work or at home. Workout equipment can cost a fortune and take up a ton of space, so what’s the solution? Under desk ellipticals are portable and can help you burn calories and stay fit. They are only the pedals of the elliptical, making them compact and easy to use anywhere to keep you fit. To find out the top under desk ellipticals, keep reading.

Most Durable 

DeskCycle Ellipse


Long-lasting and Quiet Resistance. DeskCycles under desk elliptical is a long-lasting product that won’t fall apart easily. It also offers quiet magnetic resistance, optimal for while at work. 

What We Liked

This under desk elliptical is a great option for having at work. It offers bidirectional pedaling for backward or forwards paddling. It is quiet and long-lasting which means you won’t be disturbed while working and it’s durable construction makes this a quality purchase. Get it here.

Most Affordable

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Machine


Budget-friendly and Compact. This under desk elliptical is an affordable compact option. Priced under $133, you can stay on budget and stay fit. It’s compact so it can fit under most desks and works in many different environments. 

What We Liked

Staying fit while also staying under budget doesn’t always happen. But when it does, it feels like the stars have aligned. If you need to stay on budget, check out this under-desk elliptical by Sunny Health & Fitness. It’s affordable and compact so you can use it anywhere in your home or at work. Buy it today.

Best Overall 

Cubii Pro – Seated Under-Desk Elliptical


Quiet and features Bluetooth. This under desk elliptical from Cubii Pro is super quiet so you or your coworkers won’t hear it. It also offers Bluetooth capabilities so you can sync your exercise devices or phone to it to keep track of your progress.

What We Liked

Not many under desk ellipticals offer Bluetooth capabilities. But this one made by Cubii Pro does. You can link it to your apple watch or Fitbit for the ultimate experience and progress tracker. The level of quiet this machine offers is unheard of and you will be able to hear podcasts or music and you won’t disturb coworkers. Get it here.

Most Versatile 

ATIVAFIT Under Desk Elliptical Bike


Multifunctional and Anti-slip. AtivaFit’s under desk elliptical is one of the few machines that can be used sitting down or standing up. It also features non-slip pedals that work with most shoe types or sizes. 

What We Liked

It’s nice to have a workout machine that is super versatile so you can use it for slight stimulation or for an intense workout. The AtivaFit under desk elliptical offers that versatility as you can use it standing or sitting. The antislip pedals make it so when you’re standing, you won’t fall. Buy it today.

Those were the top under desk ellipticals on the market. Pick your favorite so you can stay healthy and exercise from anywhere! 

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