Yoga Journal Podcasts

Welcome! Starting in 2019, Yoga Journal will launch two podcasts. One to help you practice (think 15-minute meditations or 10-minute mantra lessons you can take with you anywhere), and one to illuminate and evolve some of Western yoga's toughest conversations—from cultural appropriation and regulation to how to stay motivated 20 years into teaching. Stay tuned for launches!


The Practice Podcast

Yoga Journal brings you accessible meditation, pranayama, and mantra practices from some of the world’s best teachers. All you have to do is tune-in. (5- to 30-minute practices.) Coming in January.

The Let’s Breathe Podcast

The yoga world is full of passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. In this podcast Yoga Journal editors interview thought leaders, experts, teachers, and disruptors about topics that are either core to or controversial in yoga. With coverage of social media, yogalebrity, lineage, injury, regulation, how to keep up with or move deeper into a practice, and more, Let’s Breathe is a place where the yoga community can find ideas, inspiration, and common ground. (30-minute interviews.) Coming in January.