Yoga Journal Podcasts: The Practice

Yoga Journal brings you accessible 5- to 30-minute meditation, pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and mantra practices from some of the world’s best teachers. All you have to do is tune in.

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Episode 5: A Kriya Yoga Meditation for Activating Your Heart Chakra and Finding Focus with Alan Finger

Suffering from sensory overload? This 15-minute meditation from Kriya Yoga teacher and ISHTA Yoga founder Alan Finger will help you activate your heart chakra and focus on what is really important to you. 

You can learn more from Alan in his online education courses with Yoga Journal on Meditation and the Chakras.

Episode 4: A Meditation for Adrenal Support with Maria Villella

This week on The Practice, we work with women’s health and Chinese Medicine practitioner Maria Villella on a meditation for adrenal support. She offers an easy 10-minute practice for de-stressing and beating exhaustion. 

You can learn more from Maria in her online education course with Yoga Journal: Yoga for Women's Health.

Episode 3: A Yin Yoga Meditation for Clearing Stagnant Energy with Josh Summers

In this seven-minute meditation, taught by Yin Yoga teacher Josh Summers, you'll learn a quick technique for releasing stagnant energy and influencing qi, or energy, by applying your breath focused awareness. 

You can learn more practices from Josh in his online education course with Yoga Journal: Yin Yoga 101.

Episode 2: A Meditation for Facing Your Fears with Colleen Saidman Yee

This has been a frightening time for many. This six-minute meditation, taught by Colleen Saidman Yee, a yoga teacher, author, and the owner of Yoga Shanti studios in New York, will help you acknowledge your fears and then move past them to a place of abundance and security.

Learn more practices from Colleen in her online education courses with Yoga Journal: Yoga for Inner Peace and Restorative Yoga to Overcome Emotional Roadblocks.   

Episode 1: Yoga Nidra with Dharma Mittra

This week on The Practice, we explore Yoga Nidra, or full-body relaxation, with master teacher Dharma Mittra, founder of Dharma Yoga in New York City. Often called yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down in a comfortable position, so grab all of the props and blankets you need to settle in. Here, Dharma leads a 20-minute Yoga Nidra Practice for keeping an open heart, and a 22-minute Yoga Nidra practice for finding out what is sacred to you.

Learn more practices from Dharma in his online education course with Yoga Journal: Master Class on Yoga Nidra.

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