Yoga Journal Podcasts: The Yoga Show

The yoga world is full of passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. In this podcast Yoga Journal editors interview thought leaders, experts, teachers, and disruptors about the creative, practical, and spiritual issues flowing through the yoga community today.

In this podcast, we’ll be releasing 4-episode series around the themes of each issue of our magazine: Creativity, Energy, Healing, Celebration, and more.

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So many of us are longing to live embodied, creative lives, but between drop-offs and meal planning and 9-5s and toxic news cycles, how do we make space for finding inspiration and getting into the flow of creating? Can our yogic practices help spark it? Can we use the lessons we learn on the mat to help us finally write that book? Finish that screenplay? Paint those portraits or record grammy-winning singles? Join us to find out.

Episode 3: Tapping the Muse with Elizabeth Gilbert and Jen Pastiloff

We talk with bestselling authors Elizabeth Gilbert and Jen Pastiloff about tapping into your own muse and moving beyond fear into a creative life. 

Episode 2: Creative Practice Through Yoga with Tracee Stanley

Executive Editor Lindsay Tucker talks to Tantra teacher Tracee Stanley about accessing our inner gifts through yoga. The former Hollywood producer also discusses yoga techniques for calming down and getting creative during COVID-19 and beyond. 

Episode 1: Creative Manifesting with Sahara Rose Ketabi

We chat with Ayurvedic expert and author Sahara Rose about how to discover your dharma and kickstart your dream life—right now. 

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