Allison Williams' Fitness Tricks

Yoga teacher to the Girls' star shares her three favorite moves.
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The Girls' star is a big fan of yoga and bodyweight exercises to tighten, strengthen, and lengthen her muscles. Her trainer shares her 3 favorite moves.

by Dana Meltzer Zepeda

It's been a rough season for Marnie Michaels, the self-centered New Yorker played by Golden Globe nominee Allison Williams on the HBO drama Girls. Since the Season 3 premiere, she took up residence on her mom's couch, her slacker ex-boyfriend broke her heart, and a mortifying YouTube video of her singing surfaced on the Internet, and her attempt to mend her friendships went right off the tracks.

Maybe she should take a cue from Williams and start practicing yoga to keep her balance.

The 26-year-old is a longtime devotee of Core Fusion, a one-hour workout at Exhale Mind Body Spa which combines elements of yoga, Pilates, ballet, and strength training, to rev your metabolism and create long, lean muscles in addition to getting that yogic calm.

Here, Lauren Weisman, Mind Body Director at Exhale Spa Santa Monica. shares the tricks she employs to help keep Williams in shape.

Parallel Thighs

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Stand up tall and bring your legs all the way together, feet touching, knees and thighs pressing toward each other. Hold onto a chair for stability. Start by raising your heels as high as they can go (your calves are already receiving a workout) and bend your knees over your toes substantially about ten inches. From there, lower and lift one inch, keeping your knees bent and heels high. Do 10 slow then 20 fast lifts. Repeat 2 times.


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Sit down with your right knee ahead of your hip and bring your toes toward you at 45 degrees. Bring your left knee slightly behind your left hip with your leg bent at a 90 degree angle. With your shoulders and hips squared ahead of you, raise your left toes toward your shoulder. Keeping your toes elevated higher than your knee, try to lift your knee off the floor 10 times. This sculpts your side gluteals, side waist and lower back. Press your leg back 10 times. This tones the base of your seat. Try to combine those movements of pressing up and pressing back 10 more times. Repeat on side 2!

Fold Over Gluteals

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Bring your body to an L-shape extending your arms straight ahead of your shoulders and your feet directly under your hips. With your supportive leg softly bent and your abdominals engaged, extend your working leg to hip height. Touch the floor with your toes and lift your leg back to 90 degrees. Repeat 10 times keeping your core strong. Then do 20 lifts starting with your leg at hip height. This will tone your seat and creates long, lean legs.