Leah Cullis

Occupation: Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher
Twitter: @leahcullis
Instagram: @leahcullis

Leah Cullis, a 500-hour-certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher, is passionate about inspiring yoga, health, and wellness in the world. As a teacher and holistic-health coach, she believes that practice is about tuning in to your body and in to the moment, opening up creativity and flow, and aligning your body, breath, and thoughts with your highest intentions. Leah has led yoga on the White House lawn every year since 2009, sharing yoga with over 30,000 children and families as part of a presidential initiative to encourage healthy and active living. She’s also had the honor or working alongside her teacher, Baron Baptiste, designing and delivering transformational yoga teacher trainings around the world through the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.

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