Matthew Sanford

Occupation: Yoga Teacher
Twitter: @mb_solutions

Matthew Sanford is an Iyengar Yoga teacher, a renowned public speaker, the award-winning author of Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence, and is paralyzed from the chest down. He is the founder of the nonprofit Mind Body Solutions and is a leading voice in the integrative health movement. Matthew recently won the California Pacific Medical Center’s Institute of Health and Healing 2010 Pioneer of Integrative Medicine Award. (Previous winners include Deepak Chopra, Mehmet Oz, and Andrew Weil.) He is also a pioneer in adapting yoga for people living with a wide variety of trauma, loss, and disability, including our wounded-warrior population and our veterans. Matthew’s classes are physically strenuous yet also challenge students to explore beyond the physical execution of poses.

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