Yoga Slackers

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YogaSlackers Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernandez are well known for bringing students to the edge and beyond. As modern-day nomads, they can be seen driving coast-to-coast, or hopping on a plane to teach overseas. Sam is the cofounder of the YogaSlackers and has a great deal of knowledge and experience on the slackline, creating amazing spectacles wherever he goes. Raquel's extensive training in different types of yoga, AcroYoga, slacklining, and listening makes her a motivating and receptive teacher. With their many combined talents and skills, these two always have something new and exciting to share, and together they make the perfect teaching team.

Jason Magness, an advanced Ashtanga practitioner, AcroYoga teacher, professional athlete, and founder of the YogaSlackers, has been combining his passions for yoga and adventurous exploration for past 15 years. He firmly believes in the importance of practicing yoga on the mat and as far off the mat as possible. Jason has studied extensively with masters from around the world, but credits Gaia (the loving earth) as his primary teacher. His inspirational exploits and teaching receives international attention, and he has been featured by ESPN, ABC, MS-NBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Outside magazine, and many other media outlets.