3 Ways to Modify Parsvottanasana

Modify Parsvottanasana as necessary to find powerful alignment and stability.
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Powerful Alignment

Tadasana can serve as a template for all other postures. If you can understand and embody its essential principles of sthira (stability) and sukha (spaciousness) and find and cultivate these qualities throughout your practice, the possibilities will be truly limitless. It’s especially powerful to apply Tadasana principles in so-called advanced postures, where the temptation can be to abandon the very alignment that is so crucial to success. In these moments, returning to Tadasana alignment can help you find the balance between sthira and sukha, which is the goal of every pose. The dynamic combination of steadiness and openness that you experience in an aligned Tadasana can be applied off the mat as well. It can teach you to be alert and have clear boundaries while remaining open and responsive to others. 

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