6 Yoga Poses for Rock Climbers

Get strong and flexible so you can climb harder and stay injury-free with his sequence is adapted from the Yoga for Climbers online course

Pro climber and yogi Heidi Wirtz has six poses to help you get strong and flexible so you can climb harder and stay injury-free. This sequence is adapted from the Yoga for Climbers online course she developed with our sister publication Climbing magazine. Want more? Register for the course now using code YOGAJOURNAL for $40 off.

Want More?

Yoga for Climbers is the first comprehensive online yoga course made specifically for climbers. This self-paced program will help you learn how to be more flexible, strengthen your entire body, boost your confidence, and help you stay calm after a fall, in the middle of a crux, and even sitting in traffic. Developed by Climbing magazine and pro climber and yogi Heidi Wirtz, this online class focuses on aspects of mental and physical training that can benefit every climber, whether you’re a veteran big waller or putting on climbing shoes for the first time. Register now at AIMAdventureU.com/yogaforclimbers and enter promo code YOGAJOURNAL for $40 off.