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Achieve Uttanasana the Safe Way

Kathryn Budig's Modifications for Safe Alignment in Standing Forward Bend

Modify Uttanasana if needed to find safe alignment for your body.

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If you experience lower-back pain…

TRY entering the posture with bent knees. But rather than straightening the legs, keep the bend and place your hands several inches in front of your feet, or hold onto your forearms, with your head heavy.

If you have tight hamstrings…

yogapedia kathryn budig with a block

TRYplacing your palms or fingertips onto one or two tall blocks stacked several inches in front of your feet, below your shoulders. Keep a small bend in your knees and extend your heart forward as you press into the blocks.

If you need to strengthen the inner thighs…

TRY placing a block between your upper, inner thighs on its narrow side. Put a small bend in your knees and come into your fold with hands alongside your feet or fingertips on the ground. Work toward straight legs as you squeeze the block, like your legs are a panini press and the block is a sand­­wich. This trains your adductors, or inner thigh muscles, for Tittibhasana, the peak pose in this Yogapedia entry.