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Poses for Your Back

The Ultimate Core Prep for Slackline Yoga

Steal these three three core-building balance moves from The YogaSlackers to cultivate slackline-ready strength.

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Stoked to try the slackline? Start with these three core-building balance moves from The YogaSlackers to cultivate slackline-steady strength. Plus, get on the line with the YogaSlackers at YJ LIVE! San Diego, June 24-27.

Step onto a slackline for the first time and you will instantaneously understand why the sport has earned a reputation for being a killer core workout. You’ll need every stabilizing muscle you’ve got to balance on the wobbly 2-inch ribbon. With no choice but to amplify your core movements as you constantly shift to maintain center, you’ll activate your entire core.

“In a short amount of time, practicing the art of slacklining will enhance your ability to make quick and accurate adjustments stemming from your core,” explains Yoga Journal Live! presenter, Sam Salwei of the YogaSlackers. “And working on your core before stepping on a slackline will activate your core-stabilizer muscles faster.”

3 Moves To Prep Your Core for Slackline Yoga

To come to your slackline session prepared to play and have fun, practice these three crucial core moves given to us by the YogaSlackers, Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernandez.

1. Slackasana

YogaSlackers Slackasana

Slackasana helps you engage your core while balancing on one leg. It also happens to be the resting pose in slackline yoga. Practice balancing in this position on the ground while maintaining length in the torso and you’ll be ready to hop on the ribbon sooner.

Begin standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) with your arms at your sides. Lift and spread your toes as you engage the muscles of your legs, abs, and arms. Begin to lean to the right from your hips, keeping both sides of your body long, and allow your left foot to rise. Balance in Slackasana for 5 breaths. Return to Tadasana and repeat on the other side.

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2. Pointer

YogaSlackers Pointer Core Balance move

Pointer activates the “slacker band,” or the core muscles of your abs and lower back, and teaches you to find one point of balance, an essential skill for the slackline.

Start on all fours in tabletop position—hands under your shoulders and knees under hips. Place your left hand next to your left knee. Make a fist to protect your wrist and limit the amount of weight on the hand. Extend the left leg behind you and the right arm forward. Now you are only one step away from experiencing the full balance! Lift the right foot off the ground to balance on the right knee. Aim to find your balance by tilting from the hips. Avoid bending your free arm or the free leg. This will engage your core and help you find one point of balance. Return to tabletop and repeat on the other side.

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3. Double Knee Balance


Double Knee Balance works the “slacker band” and teaches you to slow down. It is very easy to overreact and over correct each wobble on the slackline. This move teaches you to slow down, stop the movement, and to find the point of balance in any position.

Kneel on the ground with your knees, hips, and chest stacked in one line. Lean forward, arch your back slightly, and lift your feet off the ground, balancing on your knees. Keep your feet and shins from touching the ground. Keep the sides of your body long and hold this position for 5 breaths. Want a bigger challenge? Try lowering your chest to the ground by folding at the hips. Return to kneeling. Repeat 10 times without touching the ground with your hands or feet.

Want to try a slackline yoga class? Sign up now to practice with The YogaSlackers in Colorado this month.


Meagan McCrary

Meagan McCrary is a 500 E-RYT and writer with a passion for helping people find more comfort, clarity, compassion, and joy on the mat and in life. She’s the author of Pick Your Yoga Practice: Exploring and Understanding Different Styles of Yoga, an encyclopedia of modern yoga systems. You can find her teaching and retreat schedule, along with her latest offerings at, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.